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Big Kids

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Big Kids follows the lives of two siblings, Simon and Kate, whose parents are hypnotised, causing them to act like young children at seemingly random moments. The programme shows the trial and tribulations the two kids have to cope with to look after their two 'big kids', whilst all the time trying to work out what it happening and how to stop it.

A genius, one-off series by the BBC, Big Kids makes for tremendously funny viewing!


Big Kids aired on BBC1 and the CBBC Channel in the UK and Noggin in the US. Though popular in both countries, it did not return for another series.

It's popularity is mirrored in the fact that the BBC have now repeated the series 14 times in the past six years!
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  • Pretty funny

    Two normal everyday kids and their parents go to a school assembly and their folks are hypnotised by a crazy magician. After that incident, every so often their parents revert to childhood at very akward moments such as at work and other wholesome family activities and the two kids have stop choas from spreading by keeping their regressed parents in step, may not be that original (probably the same plot was used for on those artsy theatre peice things where there's no sets and they don't wear costumes), but it is kind of edutainmenty (is that even a word), like learning about responabilty or something.moreless
  • Great show

    I loved this show!

    though found it very frustrating when the adults acted rele childish lol.

    thinking about it now, the show is very dated! and the actors were pretty bad, but at the time when i was about.. 9 when it started? it was a rele great show! and i used to watch it after school.

    i wish it would come back! we need more shows like this on CBBC and this is one of them, along with many other favourites which are somewhat dated now.

    please bring back big kids! pleasse please please!

    stuff lazy town and raven. bring back the good old 90's showss!moreless
  • A really funny show

    This was one of my favorites on Noggin, along with Ghostwriter and Mathnet. Everything just went so madcap whenever anyone would say "ming" and the parents would start acting like kids. I especially liked when Kate and Simon would use it to their advantage. Most of the time, though, they just got embarrassed and had to think of clever ideas on how to explain it away to any witnesses.
  • It was a good show for when it was on.

    This was a good show for when it was on... It was originally created in the UK, which had me skeptical at first. But when I started to watch it, it began to turn good. The originality of the show is good... You don't see many shows with a hypnotist being the antagonist of serieses. So, the show went on. As it did, it began to get more intense. As the series developed, Simon and Kate began to unravel the main cause of the conflict of the show. Then afterwards, they went on a hunt for the hypnotise to remove what he had done, only to have found out it was a curse because they had made fun of the hypnotist in the first episode.

    I highly recommend people to watch the show when it comes back to reruns.moreless