Big Love

Season 1 Episode 9

A Barbecue for Betty

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 07, 2006 on HBO

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    Just a superb episode of Big Love tonight. It definitely will go down as one of the best episodes of the series. You know why it was so good? We got so much development, great scenes, great acting, great writing, and just a great plot in general. This episode was wildly eventful and I cannot wait to watch the next episode.

    All the characters are explored here. Nikki admits to Bill about the credit card debts, meanwhile Marge finds out from Ben that someone voted against her, through the whole episode, she tries to find out who did, meanwhile, Don introduces his future wife, Betty.

    So much tension in a lot of the scenes, and everyone seems to have a secret or an ulterior motive for everything, the family is falling apart as the season is coming to a close, and I could not be more intrigued.

    The last scene was so unexpected with Nikki lying about staying at the shelter and actually staying at the hotel putting the family more in debt. Marge's scenes were enjoyable with her date, the end, she finds out that Nikki voted against her making her cry.

    Overall just a great episode, with some of the most intense scenes all season.
  • 109.

    Oh, the lies! Everybody seems to be lying these days on Big Love and things could not be more entertaining. Barbara lied about not knowing about Nicki's problem, Nicki lied herself about a plethora of problems and Roman Grant will never let you know just what he is up to. These characters are all so well-written that this program is just a must-see and there is no such thing as a filler episode.

    This episode gave Margene a lot of screen time which was a nice change of pace as her scenes always put a smile on my face. Ginnifer Goodwin does such a good job with the character and we really need to see her in some big screen comedies to further broadcast her talents.
  • It was pretty good with us learning plenty about Margie.

    This episode was fairly well done. Of course, with me all episodes that have either ben or sarah are perfect. Margie's quest to find out why she wasn't allowed in the household right away struck me as more real than say any of the other plots. It showed her wondering if everyone loved her or if she was an unwelcome person invading the house. Upon finding out the truth, she seemed hurt but happier that she knew now.

    My favourite part was when Margie was out for dinner with Pam's friend. Granted, it was the most awkward moment in my opinion but it was pretty amazing when Margie retorted to (i can't remember his name) her "date's" anti woman jokes with:

    How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb?
    None. Its not them that need changing.

    It just made me smile that she one-upped him because margie often seems like the underdog in most situations.
  • Big Love: Episode 09: "A Barbecue for Betty"- Another great installment for Big Love.

    Bill wants to have a celebration without Roman around, but the Prophet still causes trouble. Nicki tells Bill how much debt she owes and hopes for forgiveness but starts fearing the worst. "Don falls hard for a woman named Betty." Bill helps Sarah after running into with the law. Margene leaves a "Chad" hanging.
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