Big Love

Season 5 Episode 2

A Seat at the Table

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 23, 2011 on HBO

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    Robert Patrick on Big Love? Nice. The show has always managed to get these underrated actors to participate in unique roles, but I am not too excited for what lies ahead. The struggles of the polygamist community being evaporated because one elected leader comes forward? I do not know if I am buying that. I also do not know if Alby is a strong enough villain to lead the final season's opposition to Bill. Maybe it is that I have gotten accustomed to shows like Dexter that bring in big names for season long arcs, but what I saw in tonight's episode did not convince me that this was a great storyline, let alone good enough to maintain for another two months.
  • Bill deals with pressure from the Hill, while tension grows between Barb and Nicki.

    I think that what I like about this season of "Big Love" is how much less hectic everything is. It doesn't feel like there's a billion things happening at once. Instead, everything that happens seems to be connected to one singular thing: Bill's seat at Senate and his revelation that he's a polygamist. Suddenly, he's dragged dozens of groups into the public, trying to get them to help get polygamy reform. In theory, it's a nice idea, but it's clear that, as usual, Bill is in way over his head.

    So far, I've liked every plot we're being given. Although some were born out of ridiculous events that happened last season (Adelene's pregnancy), it allows the characters to interact with one another in realistic ways that didn't exist last season. I like how Nicki is forcing certain things upon Cara Lynn, not realizing how ridiculous she's being. It's addressing something that's been hinted at for awhile but never fully fleshed out: the fact that Nicki was forced into the life she's in. However, with people like Barb and Margene showing her what freedom looks like, she's realizing how bad her life was with Roman and Adelene.

    It should be interesting to see how Alby fits in with Bill's SafetyNet idea and how this new legislation being passed down to destroy polygamy and make it an official crime plays out. All in all, the writers are doing a superb job of taking the show back to its roots. You always hear about shows attempting to go back to their heyday and usually it's all talk and no follow through. However, "Big Love" is doing a great job here. There's a lot going on, but for once, I'm confident that we'll be given some definite answers.
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    Another enjoyable episode of Big Love. We got a lot of buzz worthy scenes here, as always in every Big Love episode. From Nikki's subtle insults to everyone going against Bill in the conference to the dance scene in the end. These were all very enjoyable scenes on tonight's episodes. This show is so addicting, I'm always left with wanting more by the end, regardless of the extended run time as opposed to the regular 42-44 minute run time.

    Cara Lynn is definitely becoming the new Sarah. Now it's showing her grow up, and have a strange life, and have to live with a polygamist family. I for the most part have enjoyed her scenes, especially her interactions with Nikki at the school. I'm so glad that Anna is leaving. Her character had honestly ran her course and that became apparent in season 4. You can't help but feel bad for Marge though.

    May I just say Margene's freak out was probably the best scene of the episode, when she knocks Anna on to the floor. Also the scene at the podium with Barb and her mother is another scene worth mentioning. This episode wasn't really the most stand out, but it definitely proved to be a great hour of television.