Big Love

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 09, 2006 on HBO

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    A really great episode of Big Love tonight. Probably the best of the season by far. We've got an interesting story line and dynamic character with even quite a surprise ending. Chloe Sevigny is doing an excellent job with her role and it really shows here.

    Nikki thinks that Bill is sleeping with his future fourth wife. She has her suspicions throughout the episode. When really Bill is actually just sleeping with Barb on the other girls nights, which is technically having an affair. Meanwhile Marge connects with one of the neighbors, and is she argues with the other wives about it.

    We didn't get to see a lot of the kids here, which doesn't bode well for this show all the time. But in this case, it was understandable to see why the kids didn't get so much screen time. Ben has issues with sex in this one, and he is oddly very open about his urges to his friend, Jason. In thee end, Nikki reveals she wants to get pregnant. And her brother coming to scare the children was definitely worth watching. Overall, a great episode of Big Love, leaving things up in the air for next season.
  • Eh..

    This episode just did not seem like Big Love. The concept of these moral individuals doing something so immortal and having an affair (even though it really wasn't) just seemed too weird by Big Love standards and it did not seem like something that would happen on the show. The ending was really the only thing that saved this episode as the prospect of Alby Grant showing up in a window scaring a kid is good TV. The tension at the end with Nicki and Alby was also great and hopefully something comes up between the two again in future episodes.
  • really, really good episode

    this is by far the most intreging episode yet. i love the whole secret affair thing between Bill and Barb, it shows that she's his favorite, and he really loves her while he only married Nicke, and Margene for the bible or something. now i've always hated Nicki, mostly becuase she's A **** and through most of this episode she was, AND A BIG ONE, but at the end she really made up for all that by telling of alby. it was awsome, and the back ground music was kick ass amazing, and i also thought margene's story is sad, and she's by far my favorite because she is so funny even when she's not trying, and i like how she's so not a paligamist, and compoundy like Nicki, becuase it makes for an intersting, and funny storyline storyline, in all this episode made me really exited to see the rest of the season, slam dunk
  • Brilliant

    This episode is the best yet, Big Love continues to strut it’s stuff.

    While at some sort of landmark preservation assembly, Bill starts realizing how beautiful Barb is and how much he loves her when she is speaking to a city councilman and his wife. On their way out they make a journey far off to the side of the road and have sex in the car, without the assistance from Viagra. This happens with the two again, during the next day’s lunch break, inside of Barb’s house, and two more times at an extravagant hotel.

    Nicki suspects Bill is having an affair with a soon-to-be fourth wife after she catches him driving on his way home from Barb’s during the middle of the day. So she spills the false beans to Wanda (Joey’s wife), who later calls Bill about it… and Bill denies it.

    At work, Bill and Don give a ring to the ‘polygamy czar’ anonymously and says that his mother was scammed by Roman, as well as ten other people. The ‘czar’ admits that he has been trying to find a way inside this case for a while now. Later on Wendy tells Bill that she spied on Don at a restaurant and ‘knows’ that he is a polygamist, Bill confuses her and tries to persuade her otherwise. This isn’t enough to stop her from confronting and verbally attacking Don’s first wife in the restroom. At Juniper Creek, Roman is angry because his son and henchman Alby has done a terrible job of auditing the books, Roman states that he doesn’t need him any more. Roman’s soon-to-be adolescent wife Rhonda and Alby then exchange words, with Alby ending up yelling at her, she then says to never talk like that to her again.

    Marg decides to befriend the new neighbor, and after a couple of exchanged visits, Nicki and Barb confront this and inform Marg that she has to be very careful. Nicki adds that Margene is the weakest link, she explains, that she can’t lie like Barb, and cannot keep a secret like herself.

    When Nicki is in her bathroom, she finds a hotel soap wrapper, she asks Margene if Bill had sex before they were married and then confronts Barb and tells her that Bill has found a fourth wife. While Ben is in shop class, he has a ‘moment’ when he is watching a drill going in and out of a piece of wood. He then decides that he wants to go to a Mormon seminar, but his girlfriend is heavily against it.

    After Bill and Barb have another phone conversation, where they decide to meet up at the hotel again, Nicki decides to check the redial… only to find out that he had called Barb, when she sees Barb closely tailing Bill down the road. Teenie wakes up in the middle of the night to find a man waiting outside the sliding door, everyone is awoken and with Bill not here Nicki is forced to handle the situation herself. Alby says that Bill only married Nicki to get a loan from her father, which in turn greatly pisses her off. She yells that if Alby ever comes near the house again, she will kill him.

    When the family is all sitting in the living room, she decides to tell everyone that they’re ready to bring another child into the family. Nicki and Barb have a moment, refilling their love and trust for one another.

    More amazing writing to be found here, yet again I loved Nicki and Barb going in circles around each other. The relationship with Bill and Barb in this episode was quite beautiful, he showed her favoritism for her, as she is his first wife. Sarah didn’t have a storyline in this episode, but she was still thrown in to show that she exists, Ben had some more hilarious moments with his sex issues, and I see a grim future with Margene and her new friend, she will find out sooner or later. Nicki finally grew a nut and spoke out for herself, now she just has to drop the bomb to the family that she indebted them $60,000.
  • A great episode!

    I found it really funny that Nikki thought Bill was off looking for a fourth wife. Although I thought it was sweet how much he loves Barb, I thought it was really not fair to the other wives (I do not really care about Nikki, but I feel really bad for Margie).

    Poor Margie is having such a tough time adapting to life as Bill's wife. It was hilarious when she said her husband died in the Gulf War! Barb and Nikki do not make it any easier for her to be happy in the neighborhood.

    The scene with the son getting excited in woodshop was priceless!
  • After finding a hotel soap wrapper Nicki thinks Bills sneaking off to meet a 4th wife. What she doesn't realize is that he's actually meeting Barb! Nicki has a real redeeming moment in a showdown with her brother Alby, and show that her loyalties lie wit

    This was a great episode, I loved that we're starting to see some positive light shed onto Nicki's character. Her showdown with Alby was great and I found myself cheering "Get em Nicki" when she stormed out to confront the men terrorizing her family. Barb and Bill's affair was sweet with some wonderful tender moments shown in a mature marriage but unfotunately beings that they're married to two other people what they were doing was wrong, and Barb's hesitation shows that she knows it too. Margie looks to be heading into depression and some second guessing about her chosen life and her relationship with the neighbor is a major threat to the family secret. I think Margie's immaturity and lonliness will prove to be a major problem in the near future. There's trouble brewing at work for Bill too, with good-two shoes Wendy trying to report Don's and Peg's polygamist relationship to Bill. Wendy was also the accountant who Roman forced to cut a check for him and if she starts putting things together she could spell major trouble for Bill and his business.

    The show keeps getting better and better and its starting to replace the Sopranos as my favorite show. I love Big Love!
  • Bill and Barb have a secret 'affair', but Nikki thinks that he is seeing a new wife.

    This was by far my favorite episode of the series so far! I adore Barb and Bill as a couple. In my opinion, she is the only wife that he truely loves. Once again I hate Nikki! I'm glad that her brother rubbed it in her face that Bill only married her to get a loan from her father. She's a selfish, biotch.
  • barb and bill are having an "affair" ! Nicki's thinking Bill's cheating on them...

    A great episode. as the show goes on, we really are drifting far away from stereotypes and any temptation to have a judgmental attitude toward it. Nicki\\\'s strong character is as clear as ever. but the greatest act was given by Bill and Barb. we have a sweet demonstration of how special thier relationship is. the actors did a great job keeping it realistic. it felt like watching a clint eastwood or Sofia copola movie. I don\\\'t know how many people watch this show but i truely hope it\\\'s enough to keep it going. It has so many dimensins and potential. this was a good episode.
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