Big Love

Season 4 Episode 7

Blood Atonement

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2010 on HBO

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    I'm sorry but this show has officially jumped the shark. We've had a few stand out episodes this season, but this is just absolutely ridiculous. Disagree if you want, but this episode, man, it just completely crossed the line from realistic to absolutely ridiculous and of course unrealistic. The plots this season are way too over the top, and the polygamist aspect of the show has become a backdrop. With the family being held against their will because they smuggled birds, and then we have Margene marrying Ana's husband so Ana can stay in the country. God, why is Ana is still on this show? They should have never brought her back, and Margene deciding to marry Ana's fiance is just not believable especially when it comes to Margene's character. Nikki struggling to have children is just about the only realistic plot, and it was at least mildly interesting. Lets face it people, this show has unfortunately jumped the shark this season from Lois cutting someone's arm off with a machete to Barb having to deal with a bomb threat. Ridiculous.
  • Such a disappointing episode. Did they hire some tarantino wannabe as a writer?

    A fan from the start, I was deeply disappointed in this episode. The whole season has been really unrealistic, with Bills delusional plan to run for office. The characters are acting too far out of their established characters, and the writers are injecting far too many unbelievable, uncreative situations. It seems like their creative well has run dry and they find themselves drawing on B movies for inspiration.

    It seems like they have fallen in the trap of endlessly escalating the tension, until only ridiculous and unbelievable situations are tense enough. For me the show jumped the shark with this episode. I'll watch through to the end of the season, but my hopes are low.

    All this earns a poor rating, but one scene sticks out \as so phenomenally stupid and out of tune with the show that I feel compelled rate this episode abysmal: The climactic showdown where Lois cuts Hollis's arm off with a machete. This is damned stupid it's painful. How is stupid? Do you know how hard it is to cut an arm off? It takes an enormous amount of force, but old, out of shape Lois just lopped it off casually with a rusty machete. This provides the deus-ex-machina to extricate the gang out of their idiotic situation: Hollis's woman enforcer has to choose between killing Bill & Co, or getting Hollis to a hospital in time to save him. Shooting a person takes less than a second... if she (and the other enforcers) were going to kill the family anyway, wouldn't they take the half a second to shoot the bastards that cut Hollis's arm off? She took enough time to think over her decision that she could have shot 10 people and still made it to the hospital in the same time.

    Seriously, that's the best you could come up with? How contrived. I'm so very disappointed.
  • An action-packed Big Love.

    This show is usually not high on action (it is more about strong writing and ethical drama) but tonight we had an episode that made me feel like I was watching NCIS or something along those lines. Hollis Green, the dastardly skin-deaf Hollis Green, had captured Bill's family and threatened to execute them, until Susan's mother from Seinfeld cut his arm off. Yes, you read that correctly.

    The B storyline with Barb and the casino is not entertaining to me in the least though. But at leas they didn't waste too much time tonight with the stupid election storyline. If only they could drop that altogether.