Big Love

Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2011 on HBO

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    "Divorce" is another forgettable episode from Big Love's final season. While this show should be giving us quality episodes down the stretch, it continues to disappoint time and time again. Anytime Barb's mother comes to town I just want to bang my head against the wall, this time included.

    The best thing about this show right now is actually the Cara Lynn storyline, and I am interested in seeing how that plays out when their affair finally does go public. But the main cast is just not hooking me into their problems, like they did so well in the past.
  • Tensions between Bill and Barb grow

    Usually, Big Love has some great forward momentum. Last season had it in excess, but I feel as if this season has been sort of treading water, waiting for the season's big moment, which hasn't quite come yet.. There's only four episodes left of the SHOW (that's right, it's depressing enough to know the season is almost over, but the fact that the show itself is almost over makes it even worse) and it feels as if they have way too much stuff going on to fit everything in, unless they made it a two hour episode, which definitely wouldn't happen.

    The other reviewer of this episode was correct: everything is basically the same as it was the last episode. We already know that Bill and Barb are getting a paper divorce, and by the time we reach the end of the episode, we're not much further ahead than we were before. If anything, the most interesting part of this whole plot is that it's bringing out some pretty ugly colors as far as Nikki goes and it's showing just how close Barb is to divorcing Bill for real. I've always wondered why she hasn't, and I've been surprised that she's waited this long.. in previous seasons, she's come dangerously close, but it seems as if she's about finished with all of Bill's ridiculousness.

    Meanwhile, Alby seems about ready to be finished with Bill Henrickson once and for all, and while I thought Roman Grant was one of the better villians on television recently, I think Alby is a lesser version of him. Remember when Roman caused the death of Joey's wife? I thought that was as dark as it gets for the show, yet Alby, Roman's son, seems to be trying to be this big prophet who's in control of everything and he's doing everything the wrong way. I'm looking forward to a showdown between Bill and Alby once and for all, but right now, like I said before, we're just treading water, waiting for the giant tidal wave of confrontation that's due to come.

    There's also some minor stuff that holds a lot of promise for the next few episodes.. for instance, Lois and Frank get back together, and after a lot of foreshadowing that Lois might kill Frank or something might happen to one of them, Lois says she just wants to be with him and that if she starts getting worse, to just kill her. It should be interesting to see what Frank decides to do when that time actually comes. Also, Cara-Lynn has forged an actual relationship with her teacher, something that's a bit weird but will probably be found out by Nikki, and we all know what happens when Nikki gets angry.. hell on Earth is what happens. And right at the end of the episode, Ben visits Rhonda at her job as a singer/stripper and kisses her. She pulls him into the back room to do things that his father would likely be ashamed of. I'm curious as to how this plot will play out.

    If anything, this season is moving a bit too slow now. It seems that the show can't find it's happy medium, and although I thought the episode was well-written (the creators actually wrote this episode), it felt as if they were shifting gears here, and that the next few episodes should be great.
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    Kind of a boring episode of Big Love. Everyone was pretty much on edge of the same things - paper divorce, Barb thinking she can hold the priesthood, and many other things. Things don't change by the end other than Barb deciding not to go to Bill's church.

    The only highlight of the story line was Nikki saying she wanted to punch Barb in the face, but that's about it. Lois deals with her dementia, and Bill's father helps her through it all, they make a beach day out of it. Lois' words in the end we're quite sad, but I just don't find these two interesting (at least not as of late).

    I'm interested to see how the Cara Lynn/Teacher romance will play out, can't wait to see the final pay off when things come to light, Nikki's reaction will be epic in my mind. Margene and Goji? Yawn. Bill and the senate? Yawn times 1000.

    I'm just glad Ben and Heather broke it off, I really did not like that relationship as I've always seen them as good friends. Rhonda & Ben? Now that's twisted. Intrigued, but this wasn't the most exciting installment, all in all.