Big Love

Season 2 Episode 6

Dating Game

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 16, 2007 on HBO

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  • The nature of two beasts are finally revealed.

    First off, the reason Weber Gaming is trying to sell so fast is evident now. I just knew something wasn't right with how the deal was going down. Bill should have listened to his Uncle and Don and not gotten in the middle of it.

    As for Rhonda. There is something about pathological liars trying to damage people for nothing but there own gain that just really drives me crazy. I seriously find myself wishing as much harm to that character as possible. Maybe I should feel sorry for her plight in escaping the compound, but Barb was trying to help her and Rhonda stabbed her and the family in the back. And another thing. Smooth move by the daughter. What did she think Rhonda would do in the house of a sheriff.

    Of course it might not have escalated to this had Nicki not tried to steal her away again. I swear, Nicki is more damaged and deranged every episode.

    Now the story of Bill taking on a 4th wife was interesting, but I'm glad he didn't. Margene just needs some friends she can talk to that aren't deranged polygamist and the same age as her.

    This was really a nail biting episode.
  • 206.

    Does Big Love really need a fourth wife? In my last review I called the concept of Bill taking on another woman into the family uniquely entertaining, something that would work on this show and this show only, but it is not something that needs to be happen. The element of this show is fine, you have the three different levels of women in Nicki, Margene and Barb and there is no need for that element to be changed just 17 or so episodes into the series. I don't see how this would work in the long run either, but hey, I'm not a writer or producer for this show.
  • 206

    Although this episode didn't really feel like I was watching Big Love in places, it was still an entertaining watch, and it was a nice break from the compound scenes with Joey & Wanda. We got no compound scenes this week, no Roman Grant, no Adalene, and it was probably for the better, to be honest. Bill dating Ana was just as lifeless as last season when Bill was having an "affair" with Barb. Seeing Bill sneak around was all too familiar for me. But as the plot developed with Margene growing close to Ana and her pretty much inviting her to the family, it got really intriguing as the episode progressed. When Bill & Ana were kissing, when the song "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne came on, I had to check my guide to see if I was actually watching Big Love, that scene was just way out of place, and it just didn't seem like Big Love. The main plot I actually didn't care for much even though Ana was starting to grow on me, it was the subplot that blew me away.

    Rhonda: One of my favorite characters this season because of her manipulative ways. Her living with Heather's parents was just such perfect development, and I love how everything is tying in nicely. Rhonda accusing Bill of sexual abuse, wow, an intense scene between Heather's father & Sarah. So overall a very intriguing episode of Big Love. Here we are in the middle of the season, and things are only looking up for this show, as far as I'm concerned.
  • Evil reveals itself.

    All I can say right off the bat is THANK HEAVENS Rhonda finally exposed herself as the backstabbing witch that she truly is. Barb got to see it up close and personal. That was the highlight for me in this ep. That being said, how SAD was it when Bill turned out not to even have deep feelings for Ana? I actually liked Ana, and like Margene I couldn't have been more puzzled by Bill dumping her. It makes me wonder if her fast acceptance of Ana is what killed it for Bill, maybe it scared him. Well, he definitely didn't need a 4th right now anyway. We also got to briefly meet the head of another polygamist compound tonight, and he makes Roman look like a fluffy puppy by comparison. I cannot wait to see how this one pans out. Best of all? The preview of next week shows the return of Frank! WOOHOO!!!
  • no 4th wife for Bill.

    I thought that Dating Game was a good episode of Big Love. I felt bad for Margie she found someone that she thought would be a perfect wife for Bill but Bill did not feel the same way. Evan though i was convinced that he did like Ana too. I thought that it was really wrong of Rhonda to go and spread lies about Sarah and the family. Whay is she so evil? It was funny that Heather was annoyed by Rhonda when she was the one who wanted her at her house. I guess she now understand what Sarah was trying to spare her. I can not believe that they are adding another bad guy to the show and that Roman was trying to to buy the poker company from under the other bad guy and now Bill is caught in the middle of it because he bought the company.
  • Wife number 3 lends a helping hand to find wife #4.

    I really liked this episode and alot happens to develop this season's story lines. Bill gets Margene's help in trying to find wife number 4. Margene is so genuinely sincere, it is hard not to like her personality. The children's plots thicken with Rhonda lying to authorities and Ben going to the Bishop seeking advice. Overall, I really liked this episode and will continue to watch.