Big Love

Season 2 Episode 6

Dating Game

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 16, 2007 on HBO

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  • The nature of two beasts are finally revealed.

    First off, the reason Weber Gaming is trying to sell so fast is evident now. I just knew something wasn't right with how the deal was going down. Bill should have listened to his Uncle and Don and not gotten in the middle of it.

    As for Rhonda. There is something about pathological liars trying to damage people for nothing but there own gain that just really drives me crazy. I seriously find myself wishing as much harm to that character as possible. Maybe I should feel sorry for her plight in escaping the compound, but Barb was trying to help her and Rhonda stabbed her and the family in the back. And another thing. Smooth move by the daughter. What did she think Rhonda would do in the house of a sheriff.

    Of course it might not have escalated to this had Nicki not tried to steal her away again. I swear, Nicki is more damaged and deranged every episode.

    Now the story of Bill taking on a 4th wife was interesting, but I'm glad he didn't. Margene just needs some friends she can talk to that aren't deranged polygamist and the same age as her.

    This was really a nail biting episode.