Big Love

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2006 on HBO

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    Good episode but not as good as what we've been getting as of late. Things were too slow paced here, even though we did get some sort of payoff with Bill going to Roman's house and being attacked by his 14 wives, and teaming up with his brother and fighting with the other family residing in their mother's house, but overall, this just wasn't as enjoyable as the past couple episodes.

    The Easter dinner was great here, the dialogue was close to perfect but Bill's family was just too strange for me, I was so annoyed at the whole family. From Bill's dad urinating in a sink to Bill's mom recalling the time that Sarah slapped her in the face when she was 2, it just annoyed me for some reason.

    I can really feel the tension between the characters and I could feel Marge's anguish when her car got scratched. The confrontation between Nikki & Barb was great, and it's what we've been waiting for since Bill & Barb started their "affair."

    Good episode overall, but most definitely not the best of Big Love.
  • 108.

    Another good episode from the folks at Big Love. Here we got a lot of information about Bill's father Frank, who happens to be quite the unique individual (he urinates in sinks, just to name one bizarre habit). As oddly fascinating as the anything but conventional Easter dinner was, the dialogue rang particularly true to me because this is the kind of bickering that goes on between my family members at holidays. This is a testament to just how great the writing for this program is as it can deal with a subject like polygamy which is foreign to ninety percent of America, but still have such relatable topics like this that make watching the show fun for all ages.
  • Easter at the Henrickson's

    Character development is key in this episode. You see Nicki's helplessness as she pleads to her mother about her credit card debt, and its this that softens her to keeping a confrontation with Barb civil and brief.

    I liked the fact that more light was shed on Joey and Wanda, showing Joey's strength to overcome his past weaknesses in the wake of Wanda's anxiety over the chance that he might relapse. Joey reveals to Barb that he is a monogamist and they share a moment that is truly poignant. Him, the monogamist living on the polygamist compound, her, the polygamist living in the outside world.

    Bill gets attacked by 14 angry women and threatens a guitar, after his strings are pulled too tight. If that weren't enough to deal with, his parents go at it again.
  • easter with the entire family at bills houses.

    Good lord! and I thought MY family was dysfunctional. Make no mistake, there is no \"fun\" in this dysfunctional family. the sister wives of Bill\'s father are horrible. yes it\'s true that it\'s bill\'s fault that that are out of their homes, but they are still guests in their homes. for instance demanding to go shopping for Easter food when barb already has a meal planned for everyone. They make it seem like she is incompetent. and telling them to keep a short leash on Margie, because margie is upset because they scratched her car, that’s a little too far. I don\'t blame her for being pissed off. How dare they think that just because THEIR whole world revolves around Franklin doesn’t mean that EVERYONE ELSE’S world revolves around him too. Now Franklin, he belongs in a psych ward. I think I dislike him more than Roman. Especially since he keeps berating his son and calling him fumbles and dare I think about it again, peeing in the SINK, of all places. not to mention stabbing both of his sons in the back. Nikki needs too get off of her high horse. I love the grandmother and I love her bonding/tub scene with Sarah, it was heart warming. It made me love Lois even more. And heavens, 14 wives? How many wives does Roman Grant need!!! that’s like a different wife every night for two weeks. I think I’d go crazy with that much estrogen in one house.
  • Bill's family stays with the family while Bill attempts to broker a deal with Roman.

    There wasn't a significant amount of goings on in this episode, but it did a great job giving some insight on different characters, relationships and backstories. Bill's dad, his mom, and Frank's other 3 wives, and Joey and Wanda all come to stay with Bill and the family after being thrown off the compound by Roman. Bill's health takes a turn for the worst and the doc advises him to lay off the e.d. med's and to realize that he's not 20 years old anymore and can't perform as one in the bedroom. Great character development for Lois Henrickson in this episode. We get some great scenes with her dealing with life in suburbia and also a very touching scene between her and Sarah (and an explination of how Maggie (Bill's sister) died. -she drowned in Lake Mead). Frank and his harem are just completely obnoxious and poor Margie seemed to get the brunt of their obnoxiousness, complete with a big scratch on her brand new car. Nicki finally confronts Barb about the affair and is relieved to find out that the affair is over. We were given a great scene with Joey and Bill going out to the compound to talk to Roman and to get some of their mothers belongings only to find that her house has been reassigned, and there's a great scene with Joey and Bill fighting together against the guys who are living in thier mom's place. Bill breaks into Roman's mansion, confronts the old man and gets a hilarious confrontation of his own from all 14 of Roman's wives with Adaleen (Nicki's mom) sounding the battle cries like "Get Him" and "Go for his Privates!" Great show over all!!! BIG LOVE keeps getting better and better!!!!
  • Strange episode

    I\'m truly confused as to if Bill actually made a deal with Roman or not. But the episode had some good story lines and Nicki wasn\'t a complete **** It\'ll be interesting to find out who really was poisoning Frank because really it could be anyone. We were led to believe it was Roman but Frank has no end to the people who he annoys. The peeing in the sink was so gross.
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