Big Love

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 02, 2006 on HBO

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    A great episode, finally this show gave me a reason to tune in, we weren't seeing much development since the pilot, just jealous wives, and problems with Roman. But we got to see a lot of great things here with intriguing story lines and character development.

    All of this of course revolves around a lunar eclipse, all the story lines manage to wrap up with the eclipse. Tina & Sarah's friendship develops as Sarah reveals more about her family. Then she goes to a party with Donna, gets sick off cough syrup and Tina ends up picking her up in the end, I'm enjoying their friendship very much. Meanwhile Bill receives a testimony that his family is in danger, possibly by Roman when he goes hunting with his son, and then Nikki realizes that show 58,000 dollars to the credit card company. Like I said, a lot of things happen.

    Sure some scenes do drag on for too long due to the 55 minute episodes rather than the original 42-44 minute episodes on network television, but it gives the writers more wiggle room, and it showed here. Great episode, with great development.
  • Decent.

    Every episode, I'm hating Nikki and Bill more and more. I'm pretty much where Sarah is, in that I really don't understand the whole polygamy thing. I can't imagine why Barb would ever agree to it! Bill sees his wives as completely inferior to him, which is just plain frustrating. And Nikki is driving me crazy. She snaps at everyone when it's her own fault. I can't wait for her to get caught. The hunting/vision storyline was kind of stupid. I thought it was a little forced. They were shoving the metaphor of the wolf and Roman down our throats! And the whole eclipse-dance was a little ridiculous. It was like they couldn't come up with enough plot. Nikki's credit card debt was the only interesting part of the episode.
  • Probably the best episode yet.

    Finally, this is the kind of episode we have been waiting for. An hour of TV worthy of the hype assessed to this show prior to its premiere and worthy of possibly rewatching at a later date. So much to cover in this review, but this installment of Big Love featured a plethora of activity and storyline advancement from Bill getting a testimony at possible danger in his family's future to the viewer learning just how bad Nicki's debt really is, a whopping $58,000 and change.

    We saw just how talented the cast of this show really is, particularly Chloe Sevigny is doing a phenomenal job with the Nicki character.
  • A very funny, yet still tense, episode.

    This episode brings a little more Comedy to the show, while retaining the same drama we’ve come to know.

    The episode opens with a very funny scene, in which Bill comes home, during a very cold night, and has to go through a few alarm pads courtesy of his new security system. Only to find out that he’s at the wrong house, it’s not Margene’s night, so then Bill has to go through some more key pads wearing only a blanket and underwear to Nicki… to find out that she switched nights with Barb. When he gets all the way back to square one, he finds one of the kids in the bed, forcing him to sleep on the couch. Bill has weird dreams, or nightmares for that matter, in which he is being chased by the sound of tapping fingers, him and Don discuss the idea that the dream might be some sort of revelation, but Bill is sketchy on the matter.

    In the store, Bill walks up to a State Trooper standing in front of a TV, after they mingle a little bit over the price he slams Bill with a document giving Juniper Creek the right to audit his books, apparently he works for the ‘prophet’.

    Nicki gets a call from a credit card company about her apparent debt, due to her recent shopping sprees, sparking another funny bit when Barb walks in and tells her she needs to take care of her children because she finally got called in (she’s a substitute teacher), when Barb leaves Nicki gets another call from who she thinks is another credit card company, but it is her father, and he wants to see her. Nicki then dumps all of these responsibilities onto Margene because she is going to see Roman. Margene accidentally sets off the alarm, causing her to get picked up by the security guy, but she still has to bring Teenie to her Eclipse Play, and due to the fact that she can not sew, she gives Teenie some long stalkings or panty-hose (or something), making her the subject of humiliation at the play.

    After contemplating more about Roman’s actions, Bill and Don bring the letter to his lawyer, where he determines that Roman does have rights to audit them. (The lawyer’s assistant was drumming her fingers on a table.)

    Nicki goes to see Roman, where he was in the middle of injecting heroine or some other drug, and has a chat about her debt. He goes on that Nicki has exceeded the $500 limit on the card he co-signed for, so he bribes her in that he wants to know what’s going on with Bill’s second store.

    Bill’s brother Joey visits him at work, where he explains that he will be needing his Super Bowl Ring back from Ben, in order to woo ‘old people’ into writing checks for his business he wants to start.

    Nicki confronts Bill, telling him that she went and saw Roman, and he asked how the business was going. She was aware that it was not her place to ask, and did not want to ruin anything for Bill.

    At work, Sarah and Heather have a conversation about why Barb agreed to let Bill marry a second woman, she gave two stories, hers, and Barb’s. She states that Barb said ‘she started to believe in the principle’ and Sarah’s is that ‘Barb loves her father too much, and was afraid to lose him.’ This sparks a sudden interest in the matter for Sarah. Another one of Sarah’s peers invites her to a party, where Heather says she wants nothing to do with it, but Sarah wants to try it out and have a little ‘fun’. When they arrive at the party, Sarah is soon left alone with her friend making out with some kid, she lays down and stares at the eclipse, where Heather comes into vision and offers to bring her home. Sarah asks Heather to promise to never tell anyone about her family, and Heather does so.

    Bill, Ben, Don, and Jason go on a father-son hunting trip, wherein Ben asks Bill ‘how he will know if God is talking to him.’ Bill tells him that he has to stay wholesome because there are many different addictions in the world, and that sometimes you think it is God speaking, when it is only your own demons. They are interrupted by Jason on the walkie-talkie when Jason says that he encountered a wolf and his dad is not nearby, Bill says to leave it be, and it will leave you be.

    At home, Nicki calls the ‘Suze Orman Show’ about her debt where she is ‘yelled at’ for not sharing her debt with her husband, or even knowing the amount of debt that she is in. Nicki goes to count how much money she really owes and is grief-stricken when she finds out she owes near $60,000. She then locks herself in the bathroom, when the other wives finally see what’s up Nicki starts yelling at Barb. She explains that she can’t go making decisions without consulting the other wives first.

    Nearing the conclusion of their hunting trip, Ben kneels down and ties his shoe, when suddenly a wolf appears out of no where, slowly coming from behind Ben. Bill then shoots the wolf dead before it can get any closer to Ben, in a state of empowerment, Bill states to Don that they are going to go after Roman.

    Things are really making a move, and there are so many different plots that could explode at any second and screw up the lives of the Henricksons. The episode started off with a bunch of funny bits, and then elevated the drama a little bit, especially with Nicki again. As much as I don’t like the character, I really love the wonderful job that Chloe Sevigny is doing portraying her. A little bit of safety was achieved in Sarah’s storyline, but it had me worried for a second, I thought Heather would want revenge for Sarah ditching her or something. Still can’t wait to see how things are settled between Bill and Roman, and between Nicki, her debt, and Bill. I’m really starting to love this series.
  • Nikki is such a good actress.

    In this episode, you can see that nikki is a really good actress. I love her expressions on her face. This episode has several developments: Bill has a dream where this hand is following him, and his relatives tell him that it might be revelations, and throughout all the episode we can clearly see that indeed it was revelations, if you can relate roman going after him and the wolf that keeps following him wherever he goes ( it reminds him of roman grant again.. )

    Also, he said he will bring the dead wolf to roman? Why? To show him 'hey i killed you' in a metaphoric way? Or 'i can do this to you , as you are a wolf to me also', so dont you dare to come close to what is precious to me.

    That's my thoughts though.. I can't wait to see what happens next. Also, when nikki went into the bathroom I thought that she wanted to suicide herself, cause he does have a $58k dept... I got NO idea what would she pull off to get rid of that dept, something nasty is probably going to happen, I can only see 1 house get taken away and 3 wives get closer by living in 2 houses???

    But that't only a possibility... Very good job on this episode, the story development was pretty good :)
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