Big Love

Season 4 Episode 9

End of Days

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 2010 on HBO

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  • Off the cliff...

    Well, folks, after a season of increasingly outrageous plot-lines, BIG LOVE has gone off the rails. Understandably, there's a need to whip up drama to the point of climax, but this year the various under-developed and under-motivated plot-lines have collapsed under the weight of badly constructed story-arcs. Take for example the scene of Nicolette's near-operation at the clinic, while Adaleen is in another room, suddenly hitting her captor and showing up miraculously un-drugged, to rescue her daughter... The story beats are not only unbelievable, they fail to exploit the drama the series hoped to whip up. It would be preposterous under any other circumstances.

    Basically? It was a season of strange and hard-to-fathom plots being tossed around, and somehow, at the end of it all, none of it was really all that FUN. The premise, I'm afraid, has run its course.
  • Season 4 Finale

    This season has had it's ups and downs, but this seemed like a great way to end things and I understood the premise of the season, which was the fall of the Henricksons, and boy did they fall. We got some over the top ridiculous story arcs this season, but this was a pretty good conclusion to it all and I'm anticipating the final season in which the public faces a senator that practices polygamy.

    We've got a lot of changes this season, with everyone going in different directions. We've got Sarah gone to Portland with her husband. Marge as a business woman who is now married to Ana's fiance. Nikki falling in love with Bill and changing her image. A new "daughter," Carolyn brought in the family and finally Barb running a casino. This is what I meant about ridiculous story arcs. Nonetheless, no matter how over the top this season was, this was a good finale, with a pretty amazing cliffhanger. Next being the last season isn't a bad idea, and I'm looking forward to the explosive conclusion.
  • Season 4 Finale

    The 4th season of Big Love has been much maligned and it will definitely go down as the worst in show history, but the finale was a fun, endearing and entertaining way to end things. Predictable? Very, but predictability is not always a bad thing. Now we know that Season 5 is going to be absolutely crazy and will definitely see how the public tackles the issue of polygamy.

    The first half of this episode started off a bit slow, and the end was a little insane, but the episode as a whole was definitely a fine way to end an over-the-top season.