Big Love

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 2006 on HBO

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    This week's episode of Big Love was exciting in small doses, but some scenes you just noticed that they dragged on for too long but all in all this series continues to be intriguing and most definitely entertaining. A lot of things happen in every episode with the extended run time. In this episode Ben gets in a car crash, when some of his classmates start "messing around." I'm not sure where the writers are going with this strange story line, but I'm definitely intrigued. Sarah brings her friend home from work, and they have an awkward dinner. Marge gets invited to the LDS church and she very much enjoys it.

    Barb finds out about Nikki's debt and agrees to keep it from Bill. Bill & Barb continue their "affair" until the very end when they realize it's only worsening things. So all in all, we got a great balance of all the family members here, and this episode was definitely eventful.

    Roman Grant continuing trying to take Bill down was also entertaining, with his father's family gets evicted from Juniper Creek, things get left up in the air from there. It's a wonder why not much people are watching this show, I definitely recommend it. Maybe their afraid of the 53 minute runtime? Who knows...
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    Yet another exciting episode of Big Love and how this show is not more popular is so mind blowing. All of the storylines are just uber entertaining and the extended runtime just seems to fly by. Things are truly heating up on this show and I have a feeling that come season finale time there is going to be a huge confrontation.

    This show is kind of like a faster-moving Mad Men and while it may not be as critically acclaimed as the American Movie Channel's series, it is just as good in my opinion, and quite possibly a little more addictive.
  • Roman Grant makes a move to put himself back in control.

    This episode was great! I usually am not interested in the whole business/Roman Grant storyline but I did like it think episode. Of course, the whole family storyline was good as usual. I'm happy that Nicki's debt isn't a secrety anymore, at least to Barb. I just hope that Barb keep this from Bill doesn't set them back in their relationship. I'm sad that they ended the affair though :( I think if any wife ever leaves it'll be Margene.