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I just can't stand Bill anymore!

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    [1]Mar 8, 2010
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    He has always been a little bit self centered, but it always seemed like it was for his friends and family's best interest. But now he's forsaking everybody for himself. It seriously getting annoying, and i'm really not sure if I can even watch the show anymore. He's even pushing his wife's needs to the side for his own desires! This is not the man who was the lead character in the begining of the show, and I just don't like it!

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    [2]Mar 15, 2010
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    Big Love was about outcast Mormon Bill and his family, fighting for a piece of the American Dream. Now it's about politics, casinos and road trips, and he's angry and stressed all the time(understandable though). And what happened to romance, Bill?? Don't you care? (sobs melodramatically in psychiatrists office)
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