Big Love

Season 2 Episode 7

Good Guys and Bad Guys

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 23, 2007 on HBO

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  • Margene's mom comes to town, and she must decide how/when to tell her she's a polygamist now. Nicky slips up when she finds out Barb and Bill were caught smooching. Rhonda causes more trouble for Sarah and Heather.

    I loved the interaction between Margene's mom and Nicky....Accepting polygamy because Nicky was born into it, Margene had the choice...getting tanked in the middle of the afternoon and hitting on Bill...there was a lot of character development in this episode...we understand why in a sense Margene even was attracted to polygamy....the lact of judgement and competition....she had to deal with her mom growing up. Rhonda, wow someone slap that girl with the reality stick...her character is so obnoxious its many strong personalities in this show!! Loved it!!