Big Love

Season 1 Episode 3

Home Invasion

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 26, 2006 on HBO

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  • Best episode yet.

    This was the best of the first three episodes of HBO's latest dramatic series Big Love. Once again we learned a little bit more about the characters in the Henrickson family and we had them all focused on one single and simple plot, Wayne's birthday. More importantly the episode showed that this can be funny when need be, but more often than not, create intriguing and truly gripping drama. This show is just really addictive right now and watching these season 1 episodes just makes me count the days toward the show's season 4 premiere in 2010. I personally cannot wait for it.
  • 103

    This has been an entertaining show, three episodes in. But nothing has really caught my eye other than the original and promising premise, nothing else has really caught my attention or let me know that I'm going to be a fan of this series for years to come.

    Right now, I'm just watching it to see how it is, and the premise is intriguing, but if this show doesn't give me a reason to watch, I wont. Not a lot of development here, basically were at the same place we were at episode one.

    There were some very enjoyable scenes like when the whole family is together and the strange development between Barb's son and Marge. Basically, Roman is evil for some reason or another, and he is married to a teenager, and he's Nikki's father.

    This episode had to do with Bill putting the security system in and his son's birthday party. Nothing really that eventful or special since the pilot, hope they bring something to the table soon. Good episode overall.
  • One crazy Birthday Party...

    A much more low key episode than the last, quite interesting at that.

    Nicki visits the Monte Cristo Hotel to makes reservations for her son Wayne’s birthday party without giving the family any notice. Marg and Barb gossip about it a little bit, with Barb trying to get Marg to spill the beans, when Nicki walks in. Barb asks Nicki, but she won’t say anything. Bill and Nicki eventually talk about the party, and when he asks to see who’s invited he is outrage. Nicki says she only invited immediate family (153 people) and that her father would pay for it… only causing Bill to get more frustrated. Margie oversees this and excitedly tells Barb what went on… when Nicki walks in again, the timing of this woman.

    Bill has a little surprise for Margene… a brand new car (in the color of the dress referencing to the past episode) and she is ecstatic… and later on takes Ben (who is seemingly her best friend or something) speeding through the neighborhood. The security company later arrives to install the security system, which brings worry to the three wives, causing them to start questioning Bill’s reasons and asking him if there is anything that they should be aware of.

    On his way to work, Bill is confronted by his new neighbors, then calling Barb to take care of welcoming them later. When he arrives at work, there are policemen in the offices, and apparently there was a ‘break-in’ of sorts. The employee explains that a man, of whom fit the description of Roman, came in and demanded a $22,000. She then states that he made her make a notation ‘Fifteen percent, Second store’, Bill plays dumb and asks if they took down his license plate number. Bill and Don both know what’s going on, and Bill assures Don that nothing will happen.

    Barb brings the new neighbors a cake, and explains to them, in lie, about other neighbors. Saying that Margie is a single mother whom Bill supports when she needs, and they bought the other house and are renting it out to Nicki. A bunch of family members start pulling in for Wayne’s birthday party, and so does Roman later on… Bill yells at Nicki questioning why he was invited after he had warned her not to, and explains that Roman is why he installed a security system.

    Joey is in the back yard giving congratulations to Ben for making varsity baseball, and offers to give him his Super Bowl Ring. Ben is overjoyed and thanks him. Lois gets a bad first impression from Margene, mostly due to the fact that she mauled her upon her entering. Lois also starts comparing Bill to his father, and expresses her dislike for Margene. Bill defends her and then brings her up to help explain why and how she became his third wife.

    Nicki starts to open Wayne’s gifts and starts giving off bad vibes, and she looks extremely pissed off, because Marg, Lois, and Bill aren’t even there. Nicki’s mother chats with her and tells her she doesn’t approve of her actions or ‘vulgar materialism’ as she puts it, causing Nicki to run into her room crying.

    If it weren’t hectic enough, Bill’s father just arrived out front. Sarah tells Lois, and Lois finally goes out and confronts her husband (she had been forced to use a back window to get in and out of her house earlier, because Frank was waiting in front with a gun), where she reveals that she did in fact poison him because he shot her dog, which according to Frank was going to die any day.

    Bill notices Nicki’s absence at the party and goes upstairs looking for her, only to find her and Roman talking on her bed. On his way out, Roman warns Bill that there is ‘no place to hide’. He now knows about the security system. While everyone is leaving the party, the new neighbor stares away and then walks back into his home. Nicki states that she ‘doesn’t fit in’, and Bill tries to talk to her but is interrupted by the alarm system, apparently no one took the pony (which Wayne was riding on earlier), and he set off the alarm.

    Another good episode, but also very strange and hectic. It wasn’t as good as the previous episode but was still very entertaining, Roman’s character still creeps me out, other than the party there really wasn’t much else developing, though the actress who plays Nicki had another burst out performace, the episode seemed to be centered around her.
  • It\'s the birthday party from hell, and everyone\'s invited!

    The moment that stands out in this episode is the present-opening. It\'s like watching a train crash in slow-motion, as Nicki joyfully opens and displays each of her son\'s presents, none of which would be desirable to a 5-year-old, while the birthday boy looks miserable and the other guests look mortified.

    Of course, there are other good moments. Rhonda, who previously appeared very stuck-up, is very poignantly humbled by Teenie\'s room (she\'s never even seen an iPod in her life), while Bill reveals how he married Margie and Barb deals with the tricky business of covering up the polygamy, in a way that is both funny and mafia-esque. All in all, a good episode.
  • Surprise! Nikki is a spoiled brat!

    Wow this episode is where my hatred of Nikki really begins! She is so selfish and spoiled! Over all the episode was awsome though! I really do love this show. I would not say it is the best of the season so far but it's not horrible. I would watch it again without question.
  • now that roman knows 'bout the secure system, bill's nailed.

    Bill will have to think of something else , as roman told him 'there's no escape, son'. plus that robbery in the store means that roman's well organized, and we heard it was a yellow humv, thus roman's a rich bastid, he came to the party with a red humv, so he has at least 2 humvs. and remember that he collected a fat 20,000$ check off the 'robbery'. Thats a neat number. So this guy's about business and young girls.

    they developped a lil more bout polygamy this time, they introduced the new young girl, and at some point she says 'the greatest freedom is obedience' i liked that, it means they do things that are beyong kiddy porn. only images can explain the rest. roman's a god damn perv and his rich and manipulative, i got no doubt that bill will do something to him in the next episodes. we clearly see roman is a target waiting to be shut down.

    overall the episode was good, i had to tell to myself out loud at some point , damn the producers made it look real. overall god job again, ill prolly write this again for the next episodes, hbo owns us all.
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