Big Love

Season 2 Episode 8

Kingdom Come

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 30, 2007 on HBO

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  • Bill finds out what exactly he got himself into.

    I thought that Kingdom Come was another great episode of Big Love. I thought that it was funny that the wives were mad that Bill wanted a night all to himself. It was really funny that Nicki and Barb were trying to get Margie to give Bill the cold shoulder untill he gives up his night. I thought that it was really funny that the family found out about Ben and Brynn and that he decided that he was going to marry her. I can not believe that Barb talked Brynn out of marrying Ben. I felt bad for Roman that he got shot by the crazy Greens.
  • 208

    This episode was a little too overrated, you have to admit. One scene does not make the entire episode. There wasn't that much going on in the first half hour. For this episode being the highest rated of the season, I definitely expected more. Unfortunately, there are other episodes that are better than this, not the best by any standard, but still a superb episode. Most of this episode was taken up by sex scenes and it just reminded me of the first couple of episodes of the series that solely focused on the sex life of the family, and that's what this episode focused on. Roman getting shot at the very end really saved the episode with the most intense scene of the season by far, and I see a lot of foreshadowing, and I just can't wait for the season 2 finale. Ben's plot was very entertaining, but Margene's humor is also very amusing. Overall a superb episode of Big Love, but definitely not the best.
  • 208.

    Could this be one of the best episodes of Big Love yet? Yes, it may very well have been. It featured all of the things we have come to expect from the show, its traditional family struggles, the usual Nicki and Barb fights, some funny Margene moments, but most importantly it featured one of the most shocking endings in a show history (even moreso than Alby showing up in the back door).

    My apologies for an earlier review writing that this show seemed to be slacking off as things seem to be kicking into high gear lately with the season preparing for an epic finale.
  • I just finished a 7 episode marathon and more WOW!

    Roman just got shot. The Green family just got nabbed by the FBI? after declare a blood feud. Nikki just ran over a refrigerator. Grama savings was wiped out by her psycho husband. I think this gambling thing is a big dark for Bill. Taking money from sinners is no sin??? The manipulative Brat maneuvered her way out of Roman's bed and into a home w/ someone naive enough to adopt her. Sarah's boyfriend is a hottie. Albie is trying to step up to the plate and I kinda respect his character a little more. These episodes are so Godfather but not in a bad way.
  • An episode to remember

    Everything starts with Bill sleeping in the baseament instead of sleeping with Nikki and from that point the show was great, interesting, funny, dramatic, one of the best episodes ever.

    So, Bill wants a few nights alone and the girls, mainly Barb and Nikki dont agree with that, but Margee accept so the 2 sister-wives dont like that.

    To me one of the best moments of this episode was when Nikki saw Margee and Bill going down on each other hehehehe and after she confronted Margee. That was a classic moment for this show.

    The whole Roman and the other family fighting was kinda boring, but in the end there is a HUGE suspense...
  • Bill wants a night off... The family finds out about Ben and Brynn... Bill finally realizes he might be in over his head...

    This was a great episode! It was action packed and the previews, for once, did not disappoint. I think the situation with Ben really proved how little Bill has been involved with his family and how he really does not have the handle on things that he thinks he does. He is so concerned with who and what he is that he forgets to actually take an involvement in the things that should be most important, like his family. I'm wondering also, why they don't have Margene showing her pregnancy yet. I don't think they are going to have it be a fake but she should be rather far along by now and yet no showing? Interesting. This episode was so indicative of how Barb is really very uncomfortable with the life she leads. She does not want this life for her son and she doesn't even really like sharing him with the other wives. I wonder whether or not she will eventually leave the fold. She loves Bill enough to keep her in this life but I feel like with everything going on that might not be enough in the long run. I think it also shows how much Margene actually loves being one of a few wives, which is interesting because she didn't grow up with this life at all. Roman getting shot was pretty surprising. I don't think he's dead though, I think he will just wind up in the hospital next episode. I really can't wait to see where they are taking this.
  • The stuff hits the fan

    Bens carefully (ha) guarded secret comes to light as Barb and Bill find out he has been having sex with Brynn. Bill makes Ben stop seeing Brynn, but as most teens do, he defies him. In a surprising twist, he implies to Bill that he wants to enter into polygamy with Brynn. Barb, who is perhaps the wisest of any of them, confronts Brynn and in a roundabout way implies that polygamy is what Ben wants. It works, and Brynn breaks up with a heartbroken Ben. Other things that happened on this ep: Bill asks for a night off every 7th day from his wives and Barb and Nicki do not take it well. It sort of gives us a better look into the dynamics of the relationship(s) he has with each wife. Bill lets it all spill to Roman about the Greenes and Roman sends his henchmen to rough them up. This was not a wise move, because at the end of the ep Roman ends up getting shot in broad daylight by one of Greenes Compound freaks. Oh yeah, Frank is back in the picture and he is out for money from both Lois and Bill. Bill tells Ben he is ready to make him a priesthood holder.
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