Big Love

Season 4 Episode 8

Next Ticket Out

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2010 on HBO

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    A great penultimate episode for Big Love tonight, and this episode just reminds us that Big Love still has the potential to deliver a beautifully written episode. So much development here, I really don't know where to start. This episode eased in Amanda Seyfried's departure from the series, and it was just a heartbreaking ending for viewers who have been watching since day one. Sure, this season has not been the best. In fact it's been the weakest of the bunch, and sure some season arcs have been quite ridiculous but this episode just shows us viewers that no matter how over the top things get for Big Love, we still care about these three dimensional characters, and we care about what happens to them, and that's what we saw here.

    We've got so much classic entities with this episode from Sarah showing up to the interview to the intense drama between Nikki and Bill when she finds out from Barb that Joey had killed her father. As for Alby, you can't help but feel bad for him. Tonight, we also saw Nikki in a new light, and she looked stunning. Overall an emotional episode for fans that have been watching from the start, and I'm actually excited for the finale with the risk of the family being exposed.
  • Next Ticket Out

    Big Love started out with 12 episode seasons. While fans would love more, that is a pretty standard episode for cable series. Then they cut it to 10 for Season Three. That's fine, but only 9 this year? That's ridiculous. There was no writer's strike, no reason why more episodes could not be made.

    Angry rant aside, this was a pretty good episode to build up to the finale. A lot of stuff going on in Utah and finally Big Love is back to its roots with these characters having an abundance of problems. Wouldn;t want things any other way.

    I think we all know what the result of the election is going to be next week and while I have not approved of this arc from the get-go, maybe Season 5 will be the most groundbreaking yet.

    It is a fair criticism to say this season has been far from stellar, but this was an entertaining hour of television. Now let us hope the finale delivers.