Big Love

Season 3 Episode 4

On Trial

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2009 on HBO

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  • Nicki's eyes begin to open

    I have to dwell on Nicki for a bit here. She was outstanding in this episode, more than usual. The lengths this woman has went to to help her Father have just astounded me. I think she came to a realization finally that nothing she ever does will be enough to please her Mother and Father. She tried to tell Adaleen about seeing her picture in the JoyBook and Adaleen ignored her. Then she tried to tell Adaleen that she didnt want to marry her first husband, and got shut down again. I think what really did it for Nicki was seeing Kathy and Jodean in court and seeing how it tore them apart just so Roman could "win". And then when "Papa" had the nerve to thank Nicki and tell her that she was responsible for his freedom...that was all she could take and down the stairs Roman went. I had to watch that moment over and over again. Normally I would talk about the other things that happened in the episode, but not this time. Nicki's story just outdid everything, IMO.