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  • Loved it until it just got too wacky, choppy and absurd

    I loved watching the first couple seasons on Amazon Fire; however, I didn't like the huge gaps, changing personalities 180 degrees, and focus on the sick and bizarre with all the heavy sex scenes. Anya runs and poof the family is on vacation with never a mention of her again?! Then Margie goes from not showing her pregnancy to having what appears to be a two year old. Then the errie, bizarre, unrealistic and wack-o constant drama with nothing positive. The sky is falling everywhere, all the time and it is too stressful and unrealistic to watch. It is my opinion that the writers went hog-wild overboard and ruined a good series. I am on Season 4, Episode 4 and I am finished. It is no fun to watch and is lubricious with the cornball, demented, predictable doom-and-gloom. I also really dislike how every characters' personalities are subject to random, complete change back and forth, up and down. And the new Teeney character is ridiculous, unbelievable and really took more credibility away. The hot and heavy sex scenes are unnecessary to the story line and detract from any serious message or meaning. I am done. Disappointed and done.


  • I truly love the plot of the series. I am fascinated with thewifes'scharacters, they all have different personalities and believes, but paradoxically they are forced to get along because they are not only married to the same man, but also shared the same family.


    Every character has something fabulous to show to the audience about the human behavior, their profiles are well defined, and the interaction of all them, makes this story dramatic and breathe taking.

    I got interested in this series, but unfortunately I did not watch it from the first season, so I went in the HBO website and I saw a quick synopsis that suck me in and now I can't miss any episode. I totally recommend it because is a unique series that show all the daily problems that a Mormon family have to face, just because they live an abnormal life.

    My favorite thing about this show is that it tells us a story that we already know from our own perspective: Polygamy, but gives it a big twist showing the different faces of this style of life, that we cruelly judge often, not keeping in mind the reality of this issue itself.

  • Big Love

    This is one of my favorite TV shows. I rank it a TEN. This is the only series that HBO has that I really enjoy watching. I wish we had more shows and more reruns. I would watch them all. I sometimes miss the show and can never find it again.
    Please have reruns for at least 3 nights per week for the ones that missed the first episode.
    I enjoy finding out about other peoples ways of living and this program really helps me.
    I just can't wait to see what this big family will do next. I would love to see another wife or two added to the show.
  • Makes you I want to share my Husband with other women?

    This show is completley original, a husband ( BIll) share his life with three other women in this world called poligramy.From creators Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer comes Big Love, the story of a man, Bill Henrickson, living in Salt Lake City with his three wives, three houses, and three families.

    As if normal family life isn't enough trouble, Bill Henrickson (Bill Paxton, Twister, Thunderbirds) has everything in triple: three wives, three houses, three families. Bill's first and only legal wife is Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn, Word of Honor) but he also shares the bedroom with middle wife Nicki (Chloe Sevigny, Boys Don't Cry, Dogville) and youngest wife Margene (Ginnifer Goodwin, Ed, Mona Lisa Smile). Bill also has three new adjoining houses, seven kids, and a booming hardware business. His closest friend and business partner at Home Plus, Don Embry (Joel McKinnon Miller), is also a polygamist. The series kicks in as Bill receives troublesome news about his father Frank (Bruce Dern, Last Man Standing), who lives in rural Utah in a fundamentalist community lead by Bill's father-in-law, the menacing "Prophet" Roman Grant (Harry Dean Stanton, Wild at Heart, The Green Mile). Bill's younger brother Joey (Shawn Doyle, The Eleventh Hour) was once a star athlete in the NFL, but is now getting used to living in the compound with his wife Wanda (Melora Walters, Magnolia, The Butterfly Effect). Bill's mother Lois (Grace Zabriskie, Twin Peaks, Fried Green Tomatoes) is a descendant to the original founder of the Juniper Creek compound, and is still bitter for Roman Grant's hostile takeover for the leadership. Daveigh Chase (The Ring, Lilo & Stitch) plays Roman's latest wife, the child-bride Rhonda.THis show is the most original. Love it. Hope to watch the next season.This show makes you ask one question. will I be willing to share my husband with other women?
  • A unique drama about a family practicing polygamy. It features a man and his three very different wives and children. You see the twists and turns in this families lives. The love, fun, drama and scandal they deal with from day to day.

    Finally a refreshing new type of drama! When I talk about this show a lot of people can't get past the subject matter to even be interested in watching it.It's a subject most people could never understand (myself included) But it makes you think. The story line is fabulous!!! Love is love no matter what form it's in. perfect casting! it features people you love and those you love to hate. I wish they would do some more informative back story to show how this union has started and what it was like. Wouldn't it interesting to see what life was like for everyone right after Nikki came, or after they took in Margine?
  • This fabulous drama is about a polygamist family with three wives including the husband trying to live the most normal lives as possible around corruption of the Mormon faith and all of the other wives personal struggles.

    Yes, people might think this show is silly and unethical, but I strongly disagree. This show is dramatic and always gives you strong performances from its actors(may I mention they have been Emmy worthy) It gives you a deep insight into the life of polygamy and the characters captivate your hearts. This show makes you want to tune into HBO again on Sunday nights. It makes you question your beliefs on certain subjects and makes your brain really wonder. Two thumbs up! Sundays at 9:00PM. Strong story lines and fierce acting equal one hell of a show. Fabulous! Love it!
  • A show I did not want to like, but ended up doing so if only for the sheer brilliance of the script and most especially, the incredible quality of the cast.

    The Morman/Polygamy angles in Big Love are important for context. However, they aren't especially accurate or realistic in the least. That's fine - it's fiction, it's drama. But I think fans should find other resources on Mormonism and Polygamy.

    The human issues the polygamy angle sets up to address are what makes this show fantastic, however. The list of dramatic conflicts are downright endless, add to that a cast of bizarre characters - some very unlikable I might add - and as is trademark of HBO - one of the most breathtaking casts imaginable.

    I didn't want to like this show. I feared that it would be an inappropriate portrayal of sensitive history. I was right, and I'm sometimes very uncomfortable with the fact-checking/realism aspects.

    I also felt it would be too narrowly focused to explore polygamy/polyamory and alternative family structures, which is where I was wrong. For those issues, it's been a great study in the human struggle for identity and belonging.
  • Continuity anyone?

    Putting aside all the "hot topics" of the day with the recent airing, my problem with the show is the lack of continuity. Will somoene make up their d@mn mind as to whether the pool has a fence around it or not! For the love, I kid you not, that bugs me so much. Some episodes it's there, some it's not. Someone just needs to make up their mind.
    My understaning when this show was created was that it was a portrayal of a polygamist family. I completely understant that you really can't make this show without discussing Mormons, but is there anyone checking facts out there? They made a big to do about getting the temple scene in there, hiring an ex-mormon consultant and all, but what about the little things, like the church buildings with a sign point to the sanctuary? Where'd that come from? (and before you tell me that all mormon chruches have a sanctuary, they do not, I believe their main worship room is called a chapel and while people of many faiths consider their meeting houses a snactuary, no one has signs up for them).
    Other little things that come to mind are the cross in Barb's bedroom, the reference to "general conference" being only once a year and the missionaries wearing picture ID. Simple searches on Google tell me mormons don't display the cross, general conference is twice a year (unless I misunderstand what semi-annual means) and the missionaries where the black tags, but not picture ID.
    All-in-all I was quite disappointed in Tom Hanks that he produced a show like and left huge gaping holes in it. No one should ever be looking at a fictional account like this and consider it to be a study on polygamists, mormon or otherwise, but to those of you who do think it be, please, please read a book and ask the right people the right questions.
  • Appealing to the basest impulses....

    This show is an insult to the viewing public. Some people may find it amusing, but watchers are amused at the expense of truth and the fundamental priciple of respect for ones fellow man. This show is full of misrepresentations, purient ploys, and cheap shots. Supposedly it doesn't represent modern Mormons. They make that really plain, don't they? Why have they set it in Salt Lake City? And why take shots at the Mormon belief system (which doesn't include practicing polygamy)? Watchers BEWARE! These guys have an agenda to promote and you'll be shaped by what you watch. Take your life into your own hands and skip this pettiness.

    Note: I wished to rate this a zero, but that wasn't accepted by the program. Had to change it to one to get this in.
  • Stupid Show. The only reason I said 1 is because it won\'t let me do less than that.

    This show is an amazing example of the world\\\'s progression... oh wait, progression isn\\\'t the right word...oh that\\\'s right, its DEgression. I once had respect for Tom Hanks, but how quickly it slips away...This show is nothing more than a pathetic and cheap pun derived from nothing more than gossip and rumors that may be considered humerous to some but in reality completely slanderous, hurtful, innapropriate and undeserved. If there was a tv show trying to represent every religion that ever existed than this world would be falling apart, people against people, more so than it is already. Furthermore this crude attempt of bashing a beautiful and peaceful religion is only a representation of hollywood\\\'s desperation to find humor because they have nothing left to write about. It is truly pathetic. Oh and keep in mind that the fact that this persecution (and yes, this is persecution...) is aimed at the fastest growing religion so clearly it is out of fear. Do not watch this show it is corrupt and corruption\\\'s only goal is to corrupt everything else. Do yourselves and your fellow man a favor and don\\\'t allow yourselves to give into this disgusting creation.
  • Not the worst thing on TV, but close.

    It's a show that goes against everything I believe in. I watched it because it does have a good cast, and that's the only reason it doesn't get an even lower score. The whole idea of a man having 3 wives just rubs me the wrong way. The lead character couldn't handle 1 wife let alone 3. This show even goes too far for HBO in my opinion. I won't be watching it again, and I do think HBO should just let it end this season and cut it's losses, find something good like another Sopranos and keep us tuned in.
  • why did I just spend and hour of my day watching the drama of an idiotic man and his unfortunate situation that he brought on himself because he chooses to be a polygamist?

    I thought it would get better but it hasn't

    Please! this show just keeps getting worse and worse. It drags on and on in places and the characters are really dull and lifeless. The most interesting part to me is the opening theme when you think that the show might have something worth watching. As I watch the show, I soon start to realize that I was wrong and keep watching just to say I finished it. Does the frizzy haired Chloe Sevigny remind you of Nelly on little house on the prairie? Her character gives me a headache and an almost restless feeling. I wonder if she has developed permanent lines on her forehead where she scowls all day during filming.
  • about polygramice {or however you spell it} a man living in utha is married to sevral diffrent women

    Okay, now, I watched this show BEFORE it aired, I was doing a survey on it so they sent me the first episode. The show pretty much is this: Boring, Confusing, Creepy. Okay, I didn't get it, perhaps it moved to fast for me but I was just lost. I mean I get that he is married to different chicks but what's up with the cult thing??? Made no sense. and I was pretty much falling asleep watching it. LITERALLY, my dog had to wake me up. But I will give this show this, it is original. You haven't seen something so disturbing ever on TV, but HBO bad move.
  • The Truth? I don't think so!

    I have never seen the show but am still disturbed by it. I am Latter Day Saint (Mormon) and the concept of the show couldn\\\'t be further from what the LDS religion is really about. The true LDS Church does not practice polygamy nor does it condone it. In the mid 1800's it was accepted but it is certianly not now and it hasn't been for more then 150 years.

    There are splinter groups that have separated from the Mormon Church because they do still practice polygamy. The indivduals in these groups are no longer members of the Mormon Church because of there behavior that goes againest Church teachings and beliefs. They are no longer Mormon.

    The creators and producers of the show might defend themselves by saying that they do not refer to them as Mormon so they are doing nothing to damage the Mormon Church. If that is so why does the promotional spot on this web site for the show say This is the story of a Mormon man, Bill Henrickson, living in Salt Lake City with his three wives, three houses, and three families? Why do they use common phrases used by LDS members to remind themselves of how they can follow Heavenly Fathers teachings?

    If you want to know what being LDS means go to a Church service. Talk to a missionary. Read Church literature. Don't watch a show that is based on ignorance and false perceptions. It is not good TV it is bad taste.

    I would have given it a zero...but it wouldn't go any lower then a 1!
  • It is really stupid needs better acting.

    I find this show really annoying and boring!
    There are good actors and actresses in this show but have better parts. It has no point to it and I think it should come off and try and think up a better storyline.

    B O R I N G A N D S T U P I D!! G O O F F T H E A I R! ! ! Even though I only saw one episode of this show I thought it was pretty good at first that got boring quickly!!!!!!!! This show is pointless it needs a better storyline for me to watch!
  • Opened my eyes

    This show isn't for or against the "taboo". It's about relationships. Sure this relationship is very different and it has lots of drama, but when you watch it, you don't feel all that different from these people. I love the bond the sisterwives have, and Bill is loving, but not perfect. Sometimes it feels like there is too much going on, too much drama, too many story lines. And some of the creepy characters have given me nightmares. But it is Must-watch-tv.
    I am so glad I found this show. It has taught me to not judge people. You may not agree with people's beliefs, but there is no reason to hate.
  • Bill Henrickson, a Fundamentalist Mormon Polygamist, lives in a Sandy, Utah with his three wives and 9 shared children.

    Trascendent show! Excellent writers who show in detail the character development of the three wives Barb, Nicki and Margene through domestic circumstance. Acting is also superb, particularly with Bill Paxton and Chloe Sevigny who carry the show with talent, wit and spark. The stories in each episode show you, don't tell you. You are instantly transported to a realm of the human psyche wrapped up in the love, grief, trials and testament of life. Be especially alert to the endings of each episode. They always have something very profound to say that makes you stop, think and wonder into the outer limits.
  • A weird thing happens when you try to decide whether you love the show or not. You catch yourself thinking, do I condone of the way they live or think it's immoral and unhealthy? You forget about acting or writing, because they are brilliant.

    Explaining the show and what the attraction is to someone forces you to kinda explain yourself and what these people mean to you. It's the same thing that happened when The Sopranos took over. You always thought of them as people first, before characters, and as a family that you knew before a psychological family drama.

    The Henricksons are real to me. What they represent and the ideas they run through (very naturally which still surprises me) keep you within arms reach of them in your own life. What am I willing to do for my family? What do my actions and beliefs mean to them and do to them? What does it mean to be a man, because you look at each one of those wives an think, there's no easy path through each of them, let alone all of them together.

    I didn't think a show could philosophically move me like that every single episode. It's 7th Heaven with teeth. And I feel like a crackhead now. It's about as bad as Friday Night Lights, Lost and Breaking Bad in that I NEED to see what happens next. Great acting and casting says they're all real people to me...except Wanda...anti-freeze. But yeah. Hard to describe, easy to appreciate, odd to love. It's like a good family. Even if I don't agree with polygamy or even Mormons.
  • Fantastic Show! So many twists and turns, it keeeps me glued to my seat.

    Big Love is one of my favorite shows. Barb is my favorite wife. She has all the qualities that the other wives lack. I do not want Bill to take a fourth wife! I love Nikki's guts at work and the way she stands up to people. When she asked for more birth control pills I said, "Way to go Nikki"!!! I'm glad to see Bill's mother finally getting even. Wanda always adds a twist that I love! Can't wait to see the trial for the Prophet,if there is going to be a trial. Bill and Barb's daughther pregnant,I wonder what is going to happen there. I love BIG LOVE!
  • Life isn't enough trouble, Bill Henrickson has everything in triple: three wives, three houses, three families. Bill's first and only legal wife is Barb then there Nicki and Margene. Bill also has three new adjoining houses, seven kids and a business.

    Big Love is a series dealing with a multiple marriage family and their everyday life in the suburbs. The reason I love this series because it heart felt, based on real families and its funny in its own way. For anyone who have not seen this series, I suggest you go on the computer and try to find the episodes. The series airs on HBO, so you can try their website first. It really good series and I love to watch it each week. I can not wait until it come on again. And, good luck for those who are looking for the series.
  • This show is about three girls and one guy that have tons of kids and live in a very unconventional marriage.

    I feel that this is a good show but my main complaint is the actress Chloe Sevigny. I do not think that she is a good actress and it makes it hard to watch the show because of it. There are many other really good actresses on the show like Amanda Seyfried, but every time Chloe comes on the screen I cringe. I also really like that they show sides of the marriage that you wouldn't think about like not being able to have that much sex, and all the money issues that go along with being married to that many people, with that many kids.
  • One Man, Three Wives, Three Families and a whole stack of tv favorites, I love it!

    Big Love is one of my top movies this season. I really think its a head of its time as well as, as a whole new concept. Its not just about the family life that they all live together. Its about the outside influences and how it affects the way people want to live. Its a great package of life lessons and the prejudiced that people live with on a daily basis. I really do love this show, not only for just the story line alone, but the great cast thats in it. A ton of actors from Veronica Mars that have molded and changed from the characters that they once were. Bill Paxton has finally taken on a role that he can work with and make believable.
  • Ignorant statements like those made by ezraschild(sic) make the world think America is in the hold of religious zealotry. The most disturbing thing by far is the admission by ezraschild (sic): "I have never seen the show but am still disturbed by it"

    ezraschild (sic): "I have never seen the show but am still disturbed by it"... "Change the channel! Don't watch a show that is based on ignorance and false perceptions. It is not good TV it is bad taste...I would have given it a zero...but it wouldn't go any lower then a 1!"
    This fool has never even seen the show but is prepared to condemn it! There is, in fact, a disclaimer at the end of every episode that ezraschild (sic) would have seen had they bothered to watch it before condemning it in full blown ignorance. In virtually every episode there is an LDS/Mormon person trying to bring the family "back into the fold" while persecuting them for their beliefs. This show makes it perfectly clear that the average LDS/Mormon member looks upon the practice of polygamy, in a very unchristian way- despite the original teachings of their prophets Joseph & Brigham, with disdain and disgust. This show has actually brought people back to their respective churches - it advocates abstinence - of sex, alcohol, tobacco etc... as well as family values unseen in today's media! I am not particularly religious but respect the rights of others to choose their own beliefs. Anyone who admits : "I have never seen the show but am still disturbed by it" shows their ignorance and obeisance to an obviously ignorant authority and makes any person who admits to being religious look ridiculous!
    This is an inspirational, albeit quirky, show I love it! Please disregard comments from zealots who have been instructed by their Nazi religious leaders not to watch the show but feel free to comment despite having absolutely no information at all!
  • It about a 3 families with one husband... The story tell what they are going thru for there beliefs..

    If you started watching this show from season 1 you would appreciate this show... It is a hard life that they are living and it is something that they wanted... no one said it would be easy life but they are coming to the conclusion that they brought there children into this life and it is not fair to them.. New change are happening all the time. Like the fact that Nikki stole money from the compound and the eventually someone is going to find out. Margien is really out going. Barb need to deal with her children coming to age. Is Bill planning on taking on a 4th wife? I guess we are going to have to wait for season 3....
  • One thing I don't get and I don't think is adequately explained is why would someone want more than one wife. The financial and other burdens are enormous. There are allusions to religious reasons, but that's about as far as it goes.

    This show is very well written (to an extent), executed and acted. I appreciate the complexities of the dialogue and plot lines, but there is an inherent creepiness that I have trouble with. All the religious mumbo jumbo is hard to watch - especially against the hypocrisy of religious fanatics who have multiple wives. I know that's part of the point - part of the dynamic of the show, but still. One thing I don't get and I don't think is adequately explained is why would someone want more than one wife. The financial and other burdens are enormous, as the show illustrates. There are allusions to religious reasons, but that's about as far as it goes.

    What is the upside? What would compel someone to do this? What is the motivation? What is the motivation for these women to enter into such an arrangement? These things go largely unexplored. What sane person would say I would like to buy three houses all in a row, make them a compound, have three wives (and then find three women willing to do this), have a bus load of children, and then spend most of my life trying to cover this up?? There certainly must be some serious mental disorders that accompany such behavior, but this is never addressed.

    Ultimately, the "good" guys on the show are as despicable as the bad guys. With the Sopranos there is some acknowledgment of the hypocrisy they are living, here there isn't. It's incredulous.

    I suppose that's part of the point - inject audacity - but even though the show is extremely well done because of the strange life style it is often difficult to identify with the characters. And it's not just because it's an "alternative" lifestyle, it's the hypocrisy of it. Ultimately, the "good" guys on the show are as despicable as the bad guys. With the Sopranos there is some acknowledgment of the hypocrisy they are living, here there isn't. It's incredulous.

    I suppose that's part of the point - inject audacity - but even though the show is extremely well done because of the strange life style it is often difficult to identify with the characters. And it's not just because it's an "alternative" lifestyle, it's the hypocrisy of it.
  • great show!

    I love this show! Though I would have never agree to share my husband with 2 others..

    Who would have thought it will be that easy to have 3 wives and 7 kids (and more on the way)?? certainly not me.

    Big live is a well written show. It deals with the subject no one really wants to talk about: Bigamy.
    People tend to discourage from it, as the society do not accept the diferent so well.

    On the show we get to see this big loving family getting through life obsticals together.
    It is nice to see the love and care they have for one another (most of the time), and how they all keep this family secret so well.
  • Big Love is unexpectedly fascinating. Who would have known that a story about an illegal and questionable way of life would be so captivating?

    Polygamy. There are people actually practicing it here in the United States. Live a little and you will meet all sorts of people and it takes all kind to make the world go around. Big Love seems like a Leave It To Beaver depiction of polygamy. This show is so well written and if unrealistic, it still approaches the subject with a dignity and humor that leaves you thinking. This show reminds me that there is so much that I don't know about the world and relationships. Polygamy is not right for me but makes me wonder if any one way of life is the right way. The actors in this show do an amazing job. The writers steer you away from the elephant in the room and make you care about the individual characters and all of their triumphs and struggles. I still feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone when I watch this show but it keeps me coming back for more.
  • A show that catches your attention and shocks you at times it opens your eye's to the other things in life.

    This show is twisted but funny it open's your eye's to like a different world of religion and life that you would never see around here. I like this show alot it's different and funny. It's hard to believe that there is such a place and families like that. Personally I think it's ok I just feel bad for the geeks and those who cant even find a date that these men are wedding more then one.Hopefully there will still be enough women in the world for the unlucky men who cant find a Anyways I love this show I enjoy every episode it leaves you on the edge of the couch wondering what next is gunna happen.
  • Big Love is BIG LIFE. Keep this series going!!!

    I look forward to this show every week. I can't remember the last time I found a TV series a "must watch."

    If you want to see a show about real family and real feelings, this is it. If you have ever seen the movie "Parenthood" and have seen that families come in every shape and size, then Big Love just shows another shape... and another size! Personally, I cannot relate to the actual situation of plural marriage, but OH! If anyone says they cannot relate to some part of this family drama, they have never belonged to a real family!

    Bill is "everyman" and a particularly good husband. He is providing, devoted, protective, patient, and... let's face it... FLAWED. Unavailable to most men, his world of plural marriage allows him to savor many fruits, but not without the cost.

    Barb is the true heroine. She is the "ultra Libra," and sees every side of every issue. She is the everyone's "mom." She cares deeply for her family and will fight all of their battles. She is used to having control and her biggest weakness is the thought of losing that control.

    Nicki is the most complex character and probably my favorite "wife." She is extrememly practical and is usually the one who puts everything into perspective when everyone else is having an emotional meltdown. She seldom shows her vulnerabilities, but she them... oh yes, she has them!

    Margine is a flower child. She is basically "street smart," very cute, candid, sweet, and just wants everyone to be happy and to get along. Lately, she has been going through a power crisis and is looking for allies. This has been getting her into trouble.

    If you have missed the last 2 seasons, rent them at Blockbuster!!! See these characters change the way you think about what is "normal."
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