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HBO (ended 2011)


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  • I truly love the plot of the series. I am fascinated with thewifes'scharacters, they all have different personalities and believes, but paradoxically they are forced to get along because they are not only married to the same man, but also shared the same family.


    Every character has something fabulous to show to the audience about the human behavior, their profiles are well defined, and the interaction of all them, makes this story dramatic and breathe taking.

    I got interested in this series, but unfortunately I did not watch it from the first season, so I went in the HBO website and I saw a quick synopsis that suck me in and now I can't miss any episode. I totally recommend it because is a unique series that show all the daily problems that a Mormon family have to face, just because they live an abnormal life.

    My favorite thing about this show is that it tells us a story that we already know from our own perspective: Polygamy, but gives it a big twist showing the different faces of this style of life, that we cruelly judge often, not keeping in mind the reality of this issue itself.