Big Love

Season 1 Episode 6

Roberta's Funeral (f.k.a. Splinter)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 16, 2006 on HBO

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    Things are picking up for the series. Having an almost one hour long episode without commercials is really helping this show expand with different plot lines, and so much things can happen in one episode. That was the case for this episode. I think the plot I'm mostly intrigued with right now is definitely Ben's.

    That's quite a predicament, liking your father's third wife, their development has been very strange since the show started considering it's such a weird situation, but now I can sort of understand what he's feeling in a way. I truly felt sorry for him when he saw Bill kiss Marge. Marge's breakdown in the kitchen with Ben was a commendable scene.

    We've got great acting from Ginnifer Goodwin & Chloe Sevigny. Nikki's character continues to be wildly interesting. Turns out she's taking birth control, she just wants more control, her breakdown in the car: Another great scene. The funeral scenes were kind of slow, but we got a great payoff in the end.

    Amanda Seyfried needs more screen time, I felt as though she was completely absent, she's definitely under appreciated as an actress, I mean look at her film career, it's blown up. They should use this young talent as much as possible.

    Superb episode of Big Love, can't wait for the next.
  • Episode 106.

    This is the kind of episode all of us have been waiting for and showed just how good Big Love can be.

    There was a lot of great comedy and compelling drama, but I think the one scene that stood out the most was Nicki at Henrickson's Home Plus. We have all been in Nicki's situation, dealing with things such as overbearing customer service persons and clashing with the store's policies. The kind of scene that should've given Chloe Sevigny an Emmy nod, but even though that was not to be this was still excellent TV.

    If you are not watching Big Love, yeah, what is wrong with you?
  • Bill\'s parents\' lives get a little more interesting.

    Ben and Margie’s relationship is really cute, but it’s borderline incest. They have so much chemistry that it’s a little bit disturbing. I like Margie better with him than with Bill, though. I hope they get together; that would definitely make things interesting.

    I think the “affair” is cute, but really not fair to the other wives. I feel awful for Margene. She is having such trouble adjusting to Mormon life. I do not understand why she wants it.

    Rhonda creeps me out. She is so mechanical!

    I was so happy Nikki had such a hard time at the store. She is always so malicious. It’s nice to see her get what she deserved.
  • bill pays his respects to a fellow mother and we learn what kind of a family he really comes from

    this episode made my jaw drop so many times. the first was when we see nicki taking birth control pills. i mean goodnes gracious. that woman is such a manipulator. you can see alot of roman in her. it's no wonder she's daddy's litle girl. she's exactly like him. another time was when we see her in the car with barb and she says she sat and prayed over barb when she was sick and wants to have a girl for barb. this woam scares me. the third time was when we see bill's mother asking if she can be first wife and bills father refuses. i mean what a scum bag. and thats not even the tip of the ice berg. the horrible part of it is when she attends her sister wife's funeral they ask her not to sit with the family. the nerve of them. but the part that takes the cake was when it have to come down to bill offering moeny for his mom to take her rightful place as first wife. this episode showed alot of the true natures of these characters. and i applaud the actors and actresses for their extremely talented portrayals
  • Bill pays respects to Roberta (one of his \"Moms\") and tries to settle with Roman and we get to see the quirky,freaky,funny,scary family he is from.

    This is the best series I\'ve ever seen, with the possible exception of \"Arrested Development.\" Roman is David Lynch creepy and Bill is the father I want to be! Will Nicky\'s paternal influence (Roman) prove to be the Hendrickson\'s un-doing or will she be able to rise above her spending addiction and control issues? I will DEFINATELY stay tuned as I am hopelessly hooked on this FANTASTICALLY entertaining show!
  • Bill attends the funeral of one of his dad's wives.

    This episode was pretty good. It wasn't my favorite of the episodes so far but I have a feeling that 'Affair' will be a hard episode to be for me. I was happy that there was some more Barb/Bill affair stuff and they aren't going to just stop because of Nicki wanting a baby. Also I get the feeling that Ben and Margene have a bit of a crush on eachother. That's pretty awkward but personally I like her better when him then Bill.