Big Love

Season 2 Episode 4

Rock and a Hard Place (a.k.a. Safe Harbor)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 02, 2007 on HBO

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    Just when you think Big Love can't get any better, it does. So much things happened in this amazingly eventful episode of Big Love. Things are starting to heat up for Big Love as early as the fourth episode of the season. All the ongoing arcs this season are reaching their climax, and this show still proves to be the most addicting series on television right now. So much scenes that were just theatrical in every sense. From Adalene destroying the tape to Wanda sliding the gun in to the baby's car seat. Lets talk about development. Rhonda blackmailing Nikki, the family finding out that Roman exposed them, Alby "watching over" Sarah, Marge's interactions with Bryn, and finally Wanda's trial. The whole family seemed to be included, and no one really had the main focus. Aaron Paul continues to be great with his character, and I can't wait to see more of him. Rhonda escaping yet again was very intriguing, and the whole episode just left me wanting more. Very intriguing story lines. Overall, this is Big Love at it's very best. I really hope things continue with this pace and intriguing drama. If it does, Big Love will easily become one of my favorite dramas on television.
  • Bill and Roman clash over Rhonda and Joey.

    I thought that this was another great episode from Big Love. This show seems to never let me down when it comes to their episodes. I thought that it was really funny to see everyone running around trying to see where they can hide Rhonda after she ran away. I was not all that surprised that Nikki and Rhonda were arguing about the compund I can not believe that Rhonda tried blackmailing Nikki. I was really happy that Bill decided to go after the poker company that Roman was interested in. It was really sad to see Adleen disown Nikki I could tell that she was not happy that she did it by the way she ran away from her. It did make me happy that Adleen destoried the tape. I was disapointed that they did not show what happened between Nikki Bill Margie and Barb.
  • Alot to mull over

    This weeks episode was a standout. A perfect followup to last weeks 'Reunion.' Rhonda shows us all just how much of a witch she really can be as she blackmails Nicki into helping her stay hidden from Roman. Any doubt that we had that Rhonda is a manipulator is erased pretty quickly. More shocking that how Nicki handles things with Rhonda is how Adaleen handles things in regards to the tape Roman had of Bill implicating himself where Joey/Wanda is concerned. Alot of things happened during this episode and it made it difficult to keep up if you haven't been tuned in since the beginning. The 2 characters who surprise me on a weekly basis are Alby and Wanda, I never know what will happen next with them and I can't wait to find out. The scene with Alby and Sarah was beyond creepy. The whole scene of Lois setting Wanda up and what Wanda does in regards to that is just hilarious. Wanda may be crazy, but she isn't stupid.
  • Its center stage for Nicki, Roman is backed up to a corner and Rhonda shows her true colors.

    This episode has even more going on then the two previous weeks had. At the center of everything there is the confict between Nicki and Rhonda. Rhonda is the big brat who is determined manipulate her way thru life. Her words to Nicki in the kitchen are direct and painful when she says she'll tell the Hendricksons Nicki knew all the long who told the mother of the year commitee about them. Nicki stayed strong until her father called her and warned that he found out she knew where Ronda was he would cut her off. It shows how much restaint Nicki has to resist telling Bill and Barbara the truth. I really enjoyed it.
  • Another good episode of Big Love

    Following the season's best episode, Big Love follows it with an equally intense and equally interesting hour of television. Rhonda runs away from the compound and stays with the Henrickson's, with infuriates Roman and the rest of his wives. They attempt to prove she's staying with them by sending compound police to their house. Meanwhile, Joey's trial rapidly approaches, and Bill tries to figure out whether Roman has any actual evidence incriminating them.

    There were plenty of great scenes and interesting developments throughout. There was the scene with the cops searching through Bill's house as the Henrickson's attempted to hide Rhonda the best they could. There was Joey's trial, which left you hanging until the last moment as to whether or not they would go to jail (and with this show, I wouldn't count anything out). There was also the continuing references to Roman's UEB plan to buy up electronic poker games. Bill appears to be making a play for Roman's business, and I have a feeling that if the show continues on this route, things will get pretty intense between Bill and Roman, even more than they already are. We also had Nikki admitting to Barb and Bill and the rest of the family that Roman is the one that exposed them at the Mother of the Year meeting. Like I said, a lot going on.

    There were also some minor plots: Wanda's increasingly insane behavior and Sarah's relationship with the guy from the church. In one haunting scene near the end, as the two begin kissing, Alby shows up and creepily tells her that he's always watching her. It should be interesting to see how Alby's role continues in the show. I thought it was cool to have Alby suddenly on the outs with Roman, especially since he was so loyal. This could make things rough for Roman.

    While some may consider this a filler episode, or something to just keep the plot moving, I found it to be nearly as exciting as the previous episode.
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    Big Love is still a great show and one of cable television's better dramatic series, but some of these current arcs are just a tad boring. The Wanda character should not be at the forefront of this show as she is somebody that I do not have a lot of interest in. The same can be said about Rhonda who is getting as much time as the wives, if not more, when she is nowhere near the level of enjoyability (is that a word?) as Margene or Nicki. I will keep watching of course but the show is stuck in a bit of a funk right now.