Big Love

Season 2 Episode 4

Rock and a Hard Place (a.k.a. Safe Harbor)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 02, 2007 on HBO

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    Just when you think Big Love can't get any better, it does. So much things happened in this amazingly eventful episode of Big Love. Things are starting to heat up for Big Love as early as the fourth episode of the season. All the ongoing arcs this season are reaching their climax, and this show still proves to be the most addicting series on television right now. So much scenes that were just theatrical in every sense. From Adalene destroying the tape to Wanda sliding the gun in to the baby's car seat. Lets talk about development. Rhonda blackmailing Nikki, the family finding out that Roman exposed them, Alby "watching over" Sarah, Marge's interactions with Bryn, and finally Wanda's trial. The whole family seemed to be included, and no one really had the main focus. Aaron Paul continues to be great with his character, and I can't wait to see more of him. Rhonda escaping yet again was very intriguing, and the whole episode just left me wanting more. Very intriguing story lines. Overall, this is Big Love at it's very best. I really hope things continue with this pace and intriguing drama. If it does, Big Love will easily become one of my favorite dramas on television.