Big Love - Season 3

HBO (ended 2011)


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Episode Guide

  • Sacrament
    Episode 10
    Disagreements between Bill and Nicki come to a head. Bill and Roman Grant must work together to retrieve Ted's kidnapped daughter. Margie gets an opportunity to pursue a TV career. Sarah plans a future with Scott. After hearing the news that Roman is free to return to the compound, Alby and his wife Laura take drastic measures to not give up their positions.moreless
  • Outer Darkness
    Episode 9
    Bill refuses to ask Nicki to come back home. Barb is in trouble with the church. Nicki runs into a man from the past. Ted tries to squeeze Bill for a share in the casino business but runs into trouble with the Greenes.
  • Rough Edges
    Episode 8
    With funeral preparations underway, Bill pressures the DA to charge Roman with murder. Meanwhile, Bill's casino plans are in jeopardy once again, now by some tribal feud. Wanda gets a visit from her brother. Margie starts her own business. Nicki comes clean to her boss.
  • Fight or Flight
    Episode 7
    The Henricksons try to deal with the repercussions of the revelations made on the road trip. Alby's wife Laura makes arrangements to improve her status at the compound. Joey plans to marry Kathy but the idea doesn't sit well with all people. Nicki spends time with her boss. Margie receives help from neighbor Pam.moreless
  • Come, Ye Saints
    Episode 6
    The entire family heads east on a pilgrimage to Cumorah, New York, the location of an Joseph Smith shrine.
  • 2/15/09
    Ana gives her answer to the family's proposal. Bill gets entangled with a collector who is trying to get a hold of an historical document Alby is selling. Roman invites his children to a meeting at the motel. The teens take the car and head for a road trip to the compound. Nicki quits her job at the DA's office.moreless
  • On Trial
    Episode 4
    Both Bill and Adaleen try to further their agenda with Rhonda. Lois is on the run and comes to Bill for help. Barb discovers that they are financially on a very shaky ground. Sarah is looking for people who can help with her problem. Bill makes a proposition to Alby. Ana meets two of her to-be mother-in-laws. Finally, Roman's case goes on trial with the verdict hinging on two sisters' testimony.moreless
  • Prom Queen
    Episode 3
    The family finds out Ana's been keeping secrets from them. Margene gets upsetting news about her estranged mother. Nicki, working at the DA's office, finds out the identity of the last witness against Roman. Barb's sister is back in town and her actions might put Bill's casino plans in jeopardy. Sarah changes her mind about the senior prom and takes Heather, Ben, and Franky with her -- upsetting Rhonda.moreless
  • Empire
    Episode 2
    The family continues to date Ana and tries to decide when and who should give birth to the next child. Meanwhile, Bill gets an answer about the casino, and Barb gets an answer from her doctor. Sarah has a bump in the road on her way to an out-of-state school, and Don is forced into monogamy.moreless
  • Block Party
    Episode 1
    Bill tries to attract partners for his casino business plan. Barb considers the possibility of a fourth wife, Ana. Meanwhile, the neighborhood arranges a big block party -- but the Henricksons are not invited.
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