Big Love

Season 4 Episode 3

Strange Bedfellows

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 24, 2010 on HBO

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    This show really has become wildly intriguing and extremely addicting, and by the end of the episode, the cliffhanger just proves that statement. It's been four years, and the writers have danced around the Ben & Margene interactions, but here it looks like when things come to a boil for these two when they share a kiss. Now I'm not sure if I'm loving the direction the show is going. I mean it's just like Barb said, everyone is running in different directions and I think the show is always at its best when the three wives are interacting or at least everyone is at home. But here we have the rare multiple plots, which this show doesn't do usually. In this case, I'll let it pass considering all the development we got here. We got Ben & Margene kissing and Ben being passed as Margene's on national television. Nikki being handcuffed after being revealed to have a gun. Marge running over a Native American woman. Sarah getting involved unknowingly with a meth head! Alby & Dale now as partners? I'm really loving the interactions between these two and I'm also loving Wanda & Joey who have become the Bonnie & Clyde of Big Love. Things are heating up for Big Love, and I can't wait for the next episode.
  • Brokeback Mormons

    Just when you thought Alby could not get any more creepy and disturbing, he set new limits to creepiness. It is actually hilarious and yet a bit disturbing at the same time to see how his whole homosexual identity has taken center stage on the show. Then again, the show has always strived to not only show the ridiculous intolerance and kookiness of the mormon religion, but to all religions in general. The total lack of understanding of the Native Americans by Barb is typical of mormons. They have some insulting and retarded belief that Native Americans are descended from a lost tribe of Israel.

    Bill and Nikki in DC was a bit boring but leave it to Nikki to spice it up with her pistola.

    And Ben and Margene, like you could not see that coming. The sexual tension between them has never been put to rest and it never will. Margene is WAY too hot for Ben to ever see her as a mother figure. She looked ridiculously hot at the end of the episode. Cant wait to see where that goes.
  • Bill goes to Washington; Margene gets a primtime special

    This season of Big Love continues to get better as we saw an unexpected "romance" rekindle tonight, and Nicki in handcuffs, something Joseph Smith would have frowned upon.

    For most shows they would not have been able to pull off the kind of action seen here tonight without coming off as exaggerated or ridiculous (case in point Barb running over a Native American).

    This show may not have mass appeal, but anyone who does not watch is really missing out on something special. An all-star cast, great writing, great drama week in and week out and even the new theme song is starting to grow on me.

    Based on the cliffhanger alone, next week's episode should be great.