Big Love

Season 1 Episode 10

The Baptism (f.k.a. Margene's Baptism)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 14, 2006 on HBO

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    A really superb episode of Big Love here, and it really is just getting better and better, that's more than what I can say about other shows on TV right now that are going downhill in seasons as early as season 2, but nope, not this show. This show is just better & better, episode by episode.

    We got so much development here, this episode was very eventful. Margene definitely stole the show here. Everything she says is comedic gold, and I'm just so intrigued with her character. She has amazing interactions with the whole cast. From Sarah to Teeny, she's great with all of them. I definitely commend Ginnifer Goodwin here. Another very interesting story line was Ben losing his virginity, I just felt so bad while watching the scene, it was cringe-worthy! I couldn't help but look away at how incredibly awkward that was. But this show managed to be realistic about sex. It's not always a fairytale.

    Marge jumping in to the pool to get baptized with Teeny was just a great scene, her speech was great, and we got a lot of development with Barb's sister, and Bill trying to destroy Roman. Great episode.
  • 110

    Yet another strong offering from Big Love, HBO's best dramatic series, and one of the best shows period on pay or any kind of cable. This episode was heavy on my two favorite of Bill's wives Nicki and Margene with the latter having her signature comedy moments including crayon destroying the washing and drying machines and the former continuing to struggle with regaining Bill's trust, something she may have slightly done by supporting Barb in her clash with her sister.

    As I mentioned in a previous review there really is no such thing as a filler episode of Big Love as each episode has some foreshadowing toward future installments that you need to witness.
  • finally found out why bill married nikki

    i never tought that i like this show as much as i do. i have to say nikki really surpised me in this episode and so did ben. nikki suspected that barb's sister was up to something so she was willing to fight with barb's sister to protect her family. i never thought that nikki would be so defensive when it came to barb because she always seemed like she did not like her. ben lost he verginity andthat totally shocked me to because he seemed the type to wait until marriage. margie also surpised me with ending her friendship with the neighbor to help protect the family.
  • Ben finally becomes a man!

    Overall an excellent episode. Ben and his girlfriend experience very awkward sex and Margene starts to really feel like part of the family. I loved the scene where she tells her secret (smoking cigarettes) to Teeny in exchange for finding out what the letter is all about. This show always leaves me wanting to see the next episode so badly! One question though, why would Bill's parents go to Mexico together (I think it was Mexico) if they hate each other? I realize it was probably supposed to be their honeymoon but when did they start getting along?
  • Best of the season

    What a great episode. They showed a new side to all of the wives. Barb tried to reconcile with her sister and mother. And she took a beating doing so. Nikki showed that she does really care about Margine. And Margine realized what her marriage was all about and that she was part of a much bigger family. When Margine said she was going to run away, I think she really meant it. But after the Barb's sister starting yelling at Barb, I think she changed her tune when Nikki stood up to the Barb's sister. I think that is when she realized she needed to end her friendship with Pam the neighbor. I think they are in store for some trouble now with an even nosier neighbor. Ben is crushed after losing his virginity, but he did what it took to keep his girlfriend, which was worse. By the end of the episode Margine wanted to be baptised. That was point when it brought everyone together and closer as one family and sisters.
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