Big Love

Season 4 Episode 2

The Greater Good

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 17, 2010 on HBO

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    A superb episode of Big Love and it just triumphed the premiere in so many ways. First of all, Sarah got more than 2 lines, and we just got such a heartwarming ending with Sarah & Scott getting married. I'm glad they did it with the whole family and honestly I'm liking the direction this show is taking.

    It may be different from the first three seasons, but it's still very good, and I commend the writers for continuing to give us quality TV every week with this genius show. Amanda Seyfried is great on this show and if she's leaving, I wont be too disappointed, not after this beautiful conclusion to her character. But if she's staying, I'm looking forward to the story lines to come.

    Nikki has become the most three dimensional character on this show, and although I have grown to love all these wonderful characters, she is by far the most developed character, and I always cheer when I see Chloe Sevigny on screen. I loved the plot line between Alby and Dale. The kiss was intense, and I'm also looking forward to more interactions between the two.

    Overall, this episode let us know that Big Love still has it, and the fourth season is looking very promising.

    The Wire used to be my favorite show but with this episode i'm pretty sure big love has over taken it. /i can't even begin to describe it... This episode was just truly amazing!!! I got married a week shy of 20. I told my mom a week before, on the phone, she was abt 3k miles away and had no way of coming. My ex and I went to a court house, and that was it. I cried during the ceramony I felt so bad that my mother couldn't be here. So, let's just say, I can relate! Just a bit ;-) Truth brings peace and it looks as though the Hendricksons are finding peace. I can't say enough about this show or this episode. Just watch it and learn from it!

  • Much better than the season premiere.

    I had read reports that Bill was considering running for Senate, and I was unsure of my feelings on it, but after tonight's strong episode, I am confident in the writers of this show to make this story arc enjoyable. It's definitely something unlike we saw on the first three seasons of the show, but shows need to evolve over time.

    Speaking of evolution, it looks like we are seeing the end of Sara on this show as Amanda Seyfried is moving on to a full-time film career. Although she will be missed, you cannot hate on her for the decision as she is a talented, attractive young actress who is a big star right now and being on a show like this can only hold her back. But at least we got the payoff with her getting married, and I'm sure she'll do something in the next few episodes before her departure.

    But this episode was a step forward with the show after a dismal season premiere.