Big Love

Season 4 Episode 4

The Mighty and Strong

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2010 on HBO

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  • Episode 404

    This season has been pretty good overall, but this episode was just aort of there. This was more about setting the stage for the rest of the year than offering up any new revelations or story arc advances. Sometimes Big Love has these filler episodes, and that is just par for the course when you are a fan of this show.

    The HBO drama never has a bad episode, as this definitely wasn't bad, but coming off last week's episode, was a disappointment. Let us hope that they can respond next week and focus on something other than Bill's campaign.
  • 404

    Is anyone else in love with Big Love's new season? I know I am. The fall of the Henricksons is progressing, and now we all know how true the new theme song is to this show considering the whole family is falling apart. There is no doubt about it, that the Ben & Margene scenes were the absolute best. I just love the writers for keeping this story arc for four seasons, and how it just blew up completely here with Teeny's confession. I have two complaints with this episode. My first complaint is that I am not liking the new Teeny. The casting decision was ridiculous, and it's really obvious that it's a different actress. The worst part about it is that they're using her more now than ever because her knowledge of the letter. I just hope she fades out or something. Her scenes are downright unbearable.

    My second complaint is that regardless of how addicting and intriguing this show has been. Not to mention throwing the slow burning style out the window and kicking it in to high gear, plots have become a tad too ridiculous for my liking. Sarah stealing a baby from a Native American woman? Stealing birds? Other than the Ben and Margene plot, things are taking a strange turn for Big Love. But all I have to say is that Don Embry taking the fall let me know that Big Love can still deliver good drama without being ridiculous. Some other plots contradicted that. Superb episode overall, Margene stole the show.