Big Love

Season 5 Episode 4

The Oath

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 2011 on HBO

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    "The Oath" is easily the best episode of Big Love since the show's return, but this season has still been a massive disappointment in my eyes. The reason this episode was good was because it focused on the issues of this unorthodox family such as marriage and Barb wanting to be able to give blessings. A lot of the show has gotten too political and over the top for me, but when they shifted the focus back to the struggles of the Henricksons in their daily lives, it is no shock that you ended up with the best installment of the season.
  • Bill prepares to be sworn into the Senate

    It was a pretty hectic week for the Henricksons in this episode, and once again, the writers are able to cram a massive amount of storyline into one episode without letting anything fall to the wayside. There were some moments that I thought were too important to be given such a small amount of time, but for the most part, this episode continues the great streak of episodes the show has had as of late.

    The Henricksons are still struggling with the news that Margene was sixteen when she got married to Bill. I'm glad that the show is taking the time to focus on the family's reactions to this latest event. Don makes a really good point when he says that Bill is attempting to prove that not all polygamists fall in love with young girls and that there's definitely some irony in it. In fact, I like the fact that Don is finally standing up for himself. I remember one of the most frustrating moments of last season being when Don took the fall for Bill and outed himself publically as a polygamist. The fact that Don's standing up for himself and calling Bill out for his idiotic actions is nice to see. Somebody needs to do it.

    I also like this idea that Bill went after Margene because he was sexually attracted to her and that he would've done so even if he knew she was underage. I had no idea that something like this would eventually come up and it certainly creates some of that old fashioned family drama that Big Love is known for.

    I thought that one reason last season was disappointing was because of all the focus on Bill running for Senate.. it just seemed like such a ridiculous plot, but now that I've seen him be sworn in and finally take his oath, I must say, it's starting to live up to its promise. With the public knowing about his polygamist life, it gives him a ton of enemies and puts pressure on everybody he loves. I can't wait to see how he deals with this.

    Also, I must reference the dream sequence that Bill had late in the episode. Normally, I think dream sequences are ridiculous and should only be used in shows that know how to do it right (The Sopranos is an example). This scene falls in the catagory of The Sopranos.. It wasn't too over the top, but it gave Bill a chance for some quiet introspection. Very interesting choice by the writing staff...
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    Woo! Rhonda Volmer is back! I really hope she sticks around for the rest of the season. She was the sad little girl you loved to hate in the earlier episodes, and she easily became one of the most three-dimensional characters on Big Love, at the site of Rhonda, I began cheering. It was definitely unexpected, I really didn't see it coming.

    Looking forward to see Rhonda vs. Alby in trial, if there ever is a trial. This episode started out slow, but man, it had quite a payoff. From Nikki calling Margene, damaged goods to Margene hitting Bill with her car. I just can't believe how unpredictable this show can get.

    Ugh, Heather & Ben get together, as predicted. At least Ben is getting some screen time, but I do not like the idea of these two together. Bill's dream definitely foreshadowed something. It's those kind of scenes that you really have to read in too. Loved the "family" moment in the end at the senate when Bill got sworn in. I've liked the interactions between Cara Lynn and her teacher, can't wait to watch what's to come. Great episode overall.