Big Love

Season 5 Episode 7

Til Death Do Us Part

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 27, 2011 on HBO

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    Finally, a strong episode of Big Love this season. They have been building to some things and we saw their plans come to fruition here today. Barb being taken in was the perfect suspenseful way to end the night, but all the chaos going on definitely gives me faith that this show will finish strongly; it just has to.

    There is a lot of drama going on, and a lot of inappropriate relationships either being brought to the forefront or still going on this season, but that's just the struggles of a Mormon Fundamelist society I suppose. Anyway, I have to say that I liked the episode from top to bottom.
  • A great ending can't necessarily save an entire episode

    The problem right now with Season 5 of "Big Love" is the opposite of what the problem of Season 4 was. Season 4 moved at a breakneck pace for most of its run, while this season seems to be trudging along, limping to the final episode with no forward momentum. It seems contradictory to be saying that since there's so much development happening, but there's only so much development you can introduce into a show before you need to deliver some payoff. Right now, the show is in some desperate need of that payoff, and the ending of the episode gives us some promise, but not necessarily enough to make me happy with the episode as a whole.

    The basic structure of the episode was interesting. After all, we have Barb in a place that finds her dangerously close to leaving the family. I really like Barb's work in this season, mostly because I've been waiting for somebody in the family to finally burst out of their shell and fight back against Bill. Her attempts to stand her ground in the face of a family who seems to be shoving her to the background is what had made her such a strong character. That scene where she goes upstairs and sees Bill re-sealing himself to Nikki and Margene without her was heartbreaking, and if anything, it could represent a boiling point within the family.

    However, besides Barb's stuff, everything else feels like it's moving at a frustratingly slow pace. The stuff with Cara Lynn and her teacher will obviously pay off in the end, but as a result, we have to suffer through countless plots that don't really do anything that they've already done before. For instance, this whole Goji plot with Margene isn't even that interesting, mostly because they already had her doing basically the same thing with "Hearts On A Sleeve," and besides that random plot where she was caught kissing Ben, there wasn't much interest in that plot either. For the most part, the show has interesting sections that have the potential to be milked for a lot of drama, but the show isn't doing anything with them, very different from last year, where the show would do everything they could do with a plot until it felt beaten to death.

    There's a lot of stuff that should be interesting to stick with as the show heads into its final three episodes: Barb becoming more independent, Lois and Frank's increasingly screwed up relationship, Alby and Verlan's weird tryst that they have going on.. and something tells me Rhonda is the wild card here. You don't bring her back into the show unless you're going to use her for something substantial.
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    The big ending really made up for the entire episode. I really do not understand where this show is headed, but there is only three episodes left in the series, and it somehow seems we're at a standstill here. The past 3 episodes haven't been amazing with substantial development, and I still have no clue how this show will wrap up in the next 3 episodes.

    We didn't even get any amusing spats between the wives, something the past couple of episodes had, but this didn't. Ugh, Ben & Heather? Are you kidding me with this? I guess it was a good lead in to the rape charge.

    The Alby/Rhonda/Husband thing continues to be quite twisted, and I'm looking forward to see how that will resolve. Other than the cliffhanger, this episode wasn't much, hopefully Big Love kicks it in to gear soon, and fast!