Big Love

Season 4 Episode 6

Under One Roof

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2010 on HBO

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    I really do not understand the ratings for this episode, this has to be Big Love's worst offering yet. The last 10 minutes really salvaged the episode but it doesn't change my mind about the episode. Everyone is going in different directions and it simply isn't the same show we grew to love. Chloe Sevigny was the only good thing about this episode. From yelling at Margene and throwing the chair to her dressing like a prostitute, she was really great here. Why in the world did they have to bring Ana back on the show? She has become such a crutch for this show. She was good at first with the possibility of a fourth wife back in season 2, but now she just has an illegitimate child with Bill.

    I could find some reasoning in it, since Barb found out that Bill had pre-marital sex, but that really wasn't the best thing about the episode either. All the scenes in Mexico were absolutely unbearable, the only plot I found myself interested in was Dale & Alby's. I'm really not loving the direction this season, hopefully it will improve.
  • Under One Roof

    See what happens when you have an episode that is mostly about polygamy and Mormon Fundamentalism and not the stupid election? You get a much better result. The drama going on in this episode is what this show was built on, not a department store manager running for Utah State Senate.

    I wish that they actually showed us Laura's conversation with the family, telling them that her father/husband was a homosexual, because I am sure that was intense, but that final exchange between Barb and Bill provided more than enough sparks for the night.

    And why was Amanda Seyfried barely on tonight? I know she is not necessary to any current storylines and the show is doing fine without her, but this has to be one of the reasons she left the show.

    Just when the show is finding its groove it is almost over as this season only lasts for three more episodes. Nine is a very odd number, but if the last three episodes are as good as the last three have been in the first three seasons then it will more than make up for it. And hopefully I don't have to write another sentence with the word three in it that many times ever again.