Big Love

Season 2 Episode 5

Vision Thing

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 09, 2007 on HBO

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  • Possible 4th wife!

    I thought that Vision Thing was a wonderful episode of Big Love. I thought that it was really funny that Nikki had a problem with Wayne attending a Catholic summer school seeing how it one of the few opportunities for her to be Bill's wife in public. I was happy that she finally was ok with wayne attending the school after he went missing and had an agruement with Bill and Margie about her attitude about it. I thought that it was weird that Barb was so helpful with Joey evan though Bill did not want her too. I was happy that she was doing it but not behind Bill's back. I really am not sure right now how I feel about Bill being attracted to another women evan though i thought that it was funny that Margie was the one to find out about it. It was great that she did not tell either sister wife or Bill but she did go to the dinner to meet her. It was funny that Bill's mother had Wonda commited to a mental hospital and was pushing Joey to get a second wife.
  • Bill is definitely getting greedier

    This weeks episode focused alot on Bill trying to get the video poker deal together, much to the consternation of Don Embry. You would think Bill would listen to Don more often, considering everything they went through with the stores ad campaign. Don wouldn't steer him wrong, but Bill cannot see beyond his own desires, as usual. We also got to see more of Rhonda this week and how she is soon going to come between Sarah and Heather. This girl is trouble, but Heather is the type to want to be someones savior so it should be a match made in hell. We also got to see Wanda in the loony bin, where she belongs. I feel like things are getting really tough for Joey right now and he seems to be drawing closer to Barb, which could spell trouble. Oh, and lets not forget the most exciting thing this week: Bill is attracted to a waitress, Ana, and he even takes off his wedding band. (Isn't that what cheaters do?!) I have serious doubts about Bills sanity at this point. Why would he ever think of adding another wife when things are so messed up??? I guess we will find out.
  • Things are getting hotter :)

    Wife number 4 ???? Maybe :) She seemed kinda nice, but i think they already have too much to deal with right now for Bill to get a new wife.

    I'm thinking that Joey is in love with Barb, right ? I'm not a big fan on him anyway.
    Another character that im definetely not a big fan is Rhonda, she is getting more and more annoing by the day, if i was sarah i would ship her to de compound right away before she tries to still her man !!!!
    Another thing, i was starting to like Nikki more after the whole "leaving the marriage picture thing" but she had to screw things again buy trying to take wayne of school.
  • 205

    Not as good as the last episode but the best plot of the episode was definitely Sarah harboring Rhonda at Scott's house. Rhonda has easily become one of the most peculiar characters on television right now, which makes her all the more interesting. In season 1, I wasn't very fond of Rhonda, and her interactions with Roman, but this season, she's been great.

    The possibility of a fourth wife? Talk about development. Big Love always seems to shake things up somehow with Margene seeing Bill hitting on the waitress and then going there herself. I haven't been liking Bill's character as of late. It seems to be all about money with him nowadays, and I hope the family comes to realize this. Seeing Wanda in a psychiatric hospital was amusing, and definitely the best scene was between Nikki & Marge. Nikki slapping Marge was outstanding, we saw some great acting in that scene. Like I said, this episode wasn't as good as the last episode, but it was still very good.
  • 205.

    I liked the concept of gambling, and its usage as a metaphor in this episode. Not only is Bill buying Weeber Gaming a big investment, but it shows how he is willing to risk his financial success for his family's security. More importantly than that though it showed how he is trying to take another huge risk by pursuing another woman, a potential 4th wife, putting his self-esteem and religion at stake if she does not accept him, or his other three wives.

    This season may not be the best yet, but at least they are shaking things up for a change.