Big Love

Season 2 Episode 5

Vision Thing

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 09, 2007 on HBO

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    Not as good as the last episode but the best plot of the episode was definitely Sarah harboring Rhonda at Scott's house. Rhonda has easily become one of the most peculiar characters on television right now, which makes her all the more interesting. In season 1, I wasn't very fond of Rhonda, and her interactions with Roman, but this season, she's been great.

    The possibility of a fourth wife? Talk about development. Big Love always seems to shake things up somehow with Margene seeing Bill hitting on the waitress and then going there herself. I haven't been liking Bill's character as of late. It seems to be all about money with him nowadays, and I hope the family comes to realize this. Seeing Wanda in a psychiatric hospital was amusing, and definitely the best scene was between Nikki & Marge. Nikki slapping Marge was outstanding, we saw some great acting in that scene. Like I said, this episode wasn't as good as the last episode, but it was still very good.