Big Love

Season 1 Episode 11

Where There's a Will

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 21, 2006 on HBO

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    A superb penultimate episode of Big Love. This episode was wildly eventful as was the past few episodes. We got so much great scenes here. This show has proved to be addicting before, but man, you don't know anything about addicting until you watch this episode. All the characters got to shine in their own way. From Heather & Sarah's reaction to Rhonda, which pretty much is perfect buildup for the season finale I assume since things are left up in the air. All the wives also shine in this episode with the will which by the way was a genius story line.

    The wives arguing over which one of them gets their kids... only on Big Love, I'm telling you. One of my favorite scenes was definitely Marge & Nikki catching Ben making out with his girlfriend. Marge fainting, wow, we got perfect buildup with her doing yard work throughout the episode. Nikki's reaction to her being pregnant! Just a great cliffhanger all around.

    Great penultimate episode of Big Love.
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    With a lot of shows the penultimate episode (that is second to last for you unaware) is the best of the year, but such was not the case with tonight's installment of HBO drama series Big Love. The episode was far from boring, but it did feature some of the show's trademark clever and witty dialogue and a lot more of the devious and diabolical (but highly entertaining to the audience) Roman Grant than usual episodes contain, so that was a plus.

    If you haven't read some of my reviews, I'll say for the 50th time that this may be the most addictive show on TV today. I just can't stop watching it.
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