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Roger Smith is Paradigm City's top negotiator; he is called upon in times of conflict to try to negotiate through an ordeal. However, Paradigm City isn't like most normal cities. Forty years ago, an event occurred that caused all living individuals to completely lose their memories. People continued to struggle with their existence, despite this fact, though the search for memories still drives mankind to the brink of insanity. That event also caused a few people to gain some special abilities, such as the right to be a Dominus of a MegaDeus. Roger is capable of calling upon the power of Big O, his own MegaDeus, which he decides to use to defend the city from other MegaDeuses. He continues to live by his ideal, that "people are not ruled by their memories!" This is the guide to the Adult Swim version and the dub. For the WOWOW and original Japanese version, go here. Note: Both guides are the same in terms of episodes and summaries (although what is actually currently submitted is different), just the airdates and cast differ. Airdates: The Big O began airing on Japanese television on October 13, 1999. It lasted through January 13, 2000 running 13 episodes. It was canceled, due to only average ratings. On April 2, 2001 it was dubbed and aired on Cartoon Network's Toonami Block. It ran all 13 episodes, but was edited. Due to the fact that the demographic watching the series was older than the one Toonami hoped to aim for, it was taken off Toonami and aired on Adult Swim. On AS, it was a huge success. On August 3, 2003, a second season was co-produced by Cartoon Network and debuted on Adult Swim. This second season, sometimes called The Big O II or simply Big O II, continues the storyline beginning with the last part of the first season's last episode. However, there are some obvious differences in the and narrative. The Adult Swim airing lasted until November 2, 2003. The Japanese airing of Season 2 lasted from January 2, 2003 to March 27, 2003. The producers wanted a third Season, but one was never created. Season 3? Due to a large amount of mysteries left unsolved by the finale of the second season, the production crew wanted to create a third season to tie up the loose ends and finish the series, as per an option on the contract between Cartoon Network and Sunrise. However, the network determined that the show lacked the marketability and numbers to continue airing new episodes on Adult Swim. There is a great deal of controversy over this decision, however nothing is known for sure. For example, the show's ratings were not nearly as bad as Adult Swim had stated. They weren't high, but they weren't low. The reason why Adul Swim said they were bad nd if this fact is 100% true is still unknown for sure. A petition is still available here. The creators behind it are still seeking a certain number of signatures required by Time Warner for consideration of a third season.moreless

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    • Kicks gundam's big metal ass.

      This show is one of my favorite animes. I love how it is different then most giant robot shows. These things are big and slow (Unlike a Gundam). The MegaDueses are very interesting. Their orniments are decently simple. What they lack in speed they make up for in power. I did a little research and found out what Mega Duese means. Mega= Big Duese= God. So Big God and these things are big. This show got me and a friend interested in robotics back when we were kids. We wanted to make giant robots just like this. I preferred the first season over the second. I do wish that this show got a third season.moreless
    • One of the best Animes to watch.

      In Big O we meet Roger Smith who is Paradigm City's top negotiator. Forty years ago, the people of Paradigm City lost their memories. Roger Smith was once a Paradigm police officer, until he found Big O - or when Big O found him. Now Roger Smith uses Big O to defend the city against other MegaDeus who want to destroy the city. On one of his negotiations he was asked to help get the daughter of a inventer who had been kidnapped back. You'll have to watch to see what happens next, but if you like anime this show is a classic. I enjoyed watching Big O.moreless
    • One of the most underated anime's.

      It's about a man named Roger who meets this girl named R. Dorothy and Roger as well pilots a robot called The Big O and Roger as well has a butler I forgot his name and then as well there are these people who pilot giant robots as well and are evil. This series is underated for those of you who love/hate anime this is one of the best. Most giant robot anime's don't have much action but this cerntinaly does I wish it was still on the air but it was taken off for stupid lame Adult Swim originals (i.e. Aqua Teen Hunger Force, 12 oz mouse, squidbillies, Tom goes to the mayer) please bring this back.moreless
    • My personal favorite anime. I recommend this anime to every anime fan out there. The plot is good even though it may be confusing at times, but I think that it is a near perfect show, and I think that it is underrated quite a bit.moreless

      A brilliant anime indeed. I think that this show starts off well, in that the first few episodes give us a good insight into the personalities of some of the characters. These personalities are more and more revealed as the show goes on.

      The main thing that the show deals with is memories, and how these memories can effect people's lives. In the world of Big O, a catastrophe happened 40 years ago and everyone lost their memories. Some people allow their destiny to be governed by their memories which a few people in Big O do. One of my favorite things is that memories are treated as an actual object, in that memories can be captured and also destroyed by people. Of course, Big O is an anime with giant robots, some people say that they don't really contribute to the show that much however. I think that Big O could have been just as good without them, but I still think that they contribute to the show.moreless
    • Wish Cartoon Network agreed to a season 3.

      BIG O was a unique show, with a good concept. Having everyone in the worlds memories erased and no one knows what happened, but everyone has clued inside of their minds. It reminds me a little of the movie DARK CITY. It had a nice twist on the Giant Robot anime, instead focusing on the characters and story. The story was great, you couldn't stop watching. All the twists and turns along the way in search of the what happened forty years ago. The story and characters were the best part of the show. The music was great, the animation was pretty good, and the action was good. The ending was great, but I still have no idea what really was going on. That's why I wish Cartoon Network had agreed to a season 3. I guess it just wasn't popular in both Japan and the USA.moreless

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