Big O

Cartoon Network (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Negotiation with the Dead
      Fully recovered, Roger is hired to protect one of Paradigm City's Senators, Roscoe Fitzgerald, from an assassination attempt. The clues lead back to Dorothy's creator, Doctor Wayneright. However, when they investigate his home, they set a terrible plan in motion and the Megadeus Glinda is unleashed on Paradigm City.
    • The Show Must Go On
      Roger is in Big O fighting Alex Rosewater’s Big Fau. Big-Fau has the upper hand, and to make matters worse for Roger, the Military Police are assaulting Big O. Meanwhile, Dastun decides to abandon the force and head off to try to help Roger on his own. Dastun’s attack on the Big Fau doesn’t do much damage, but he manages to buy some time for Roger to get Big O moving again. However. Big Fau throws Big O into the sea, causing it to sink into the abyss. Elsewhere, Dorothy miraculously regains functionality and heads off to rescue the sinking Roger. As all of this chaos occurs, Gordon Rosewater is helping Angel cope with her newfound knowledge about her existence.moreless
    • The War of Paradigm City
      The Union is continuing their bombing campaign, while Alex Rosewater finally gets Big Fau operating! He proclaims his new order and his plan to destroy Paradigm City and all of the people he deems unworthy to exist. Meanwhile, Angel copes with some sudden truth about her past, while Roger attempts to figure out a way to restore Dorothy’s memories. The two soon cross paths when Roger’s vehicle falls into a hole that takes him underneath the city...moreless
    • The Big Fight
      The Big Fight
      Episode 11
      Roger is in Big O and gets ready to fight Big Duo. His problem is that he doesn’t know who the Dominus of Big Duo actually is. As the fight continues, Roger discovers some startling truth about the current pilot of the Big Duo. When the fight ends, problems still continue as Union bombers pass by overhead. Meanwhile, Alex Rosewater continues his attempts to get the Big Fau operating fully...moreless
    • Twisted Memories
      Twisted Memories
      Episode 10
      Alex Rosewater forces Beck to kidnap Dorothy in order to use her to get the Big Fau operating fully. Beck deals with his conscience in regards to being forced to do something. Meanwhile, Roger deals with an army of androids as he attempts to get Dorothy back!
    • Hydra
      Episode 9
      Roger is having dinner at Alex Rosewater’s place. While there, he hopes to figure out what exactly is going on and what Alex’s plan is. However, Alex merely gloats about his recent endeavors to get Big-Fau operating, in which he believes Big-Fau will be the most powerful of the MegaDeuses. Meanwhile, Angel goes to the Smith household in order to apologize to Dorothy. She also requests that she give Roger a message for her...moreless
    • The Third Big
      The Third Big
      Episode 8
      Big O is locked up in a fight with the other MegaDeus, though Roger cannot understand why. Soon, video footage of Alan Gabriel appears on Big O’s screen and Roger realizes that he needs to save Dorothy first. Big O gets into a defensive position automatically and Roger uses a smokescreen to escape from the location, though he stumbles across Dastun shortly after. The two head off to rescue Dorothy together. Meanwhile, Dorothy tries to get information out of Gabriel while Angel copes with the realization that Roger cares more about Dorothy than herself. Roger and Dastun arrive, but the situation merely continues to escalate!moreless
    • Stripes
      Episode 7
      Roger has been having some nightmares that have been confusing him. So, he decides to go speak with Gordon Rosewater in hopes of finding some answers. Eventually, Rosewater tells Roger that he had a contract with him in the past, which causes Roger quite a lot of confusion since he doesn’t remember ever having one with him. Afterwards, Roger heads to the Speakeasy Bar to relax, although this is short lived as Angel comes and sits down next to him. The two begin to talk about various things. Meanwhile, Dorothy has been hearing a faint song in the air, which causes her to go investigate it. Angel hears the same song, and she leaves Roger to go to the source of the music as well. Roger soon discovers that another MegaDeus is rampaging through Paradigm City, so he gets into Big O and heads off to stop it. Just what is really going on here?moreless
    • Eyewitness
      Episode 6
      When an assassin begins to cause problems in Paradigm City, Dan Dastun is assigned to the case. His mission – to capture the assassin. However, the assassin only targets androids, which bothers Dastun because he’s been assigned an android partner. Regardless of bad conditions, Dastun still continues to do his job and thus begins to discover that his partner isn’t as useless as he initially thought. Things soon heat up when they begin to discover more about the situation at hand!moreless
    • The Greatest Villain
      While on his way to meet with some foreign businessmen who speak no English, Roger mysteriously disappears! Norman and Dorothy wait for him to return, though as the hours pass by, Dan Dastun eventually arrives to give them the bad news; Roger has been kidnapped!! Meanwhile, Roger wakes up to discover that Beck is working with the foreign businessmen to promote his own interests, though Roger is soon placed inside a mask-like device that prevents him from speaking. When Beck calls the Smith household to explain his demands, Dorothy decides to take charge and lead the negotiations. Will she be able to handle the complex affairs involved? And, more importantly, will she save Roger?moreless
    • Leviathan
      Episode 4
      There have been recent reports that Schwarzwald is back once again, this time with a new MegaDeus. What’s worse, he’s threatening Paradigm City! Roger reluctantly agrees to investigate the issue; he retraces his steps and examines Schwarzwald’s old apartment and the underground chamber where he confronted Schwarzwald previously. He soon discovers some clues that may just help him figure out what’s going on, as well as some unexpected information about Alex Rosewater’s true intentions...moreless
    • Day of the Advent
      An unknown object crashes into Earth right inside of Paradigm City! This naturally causes the general populace to consider it a good omen due to some local lore. Roger Smith, however, isn’t so sure especially when he is hired by one of the locals to see what exactly it was that fell from the sky. This negotiation puts him into direct conflict with the CEO of the Paradigm Corporation, Alex Rosewater, who knows more about Roger than he expected he would...moreless
    • Negotiations with the Dead
      A woman in hopes of being able to protect her husband, who happens to be a retired senator, hires Roger. The assassin is believed to be working for the same people who controlled the mad bomber and the murderous android from earlier. Shockingly, after Roger receives a tip from his informant, it becomes clear that Dorothy’s creator, Timothy Wayneright, was the only one capable of creating new androids. The problem – he was killed a long time ago! In hopes of trying to make more sense of this situation, Roger and Dorothy head to the Wayneright mansion, where they soon come across something unexpected...!moreless
    • Roger the Wanderer
      Roger is in the middle of fighting three foreign MegaDeuses! He soon begins to question his own existence, which causes him to delve into a world inside his own head. As he struggles to deal with his own existence and who he really is, he relives some of the events in his life. Will he manage to regain his composure before he loses the fight in the real world?moreless
  • Season 1