Big O

Season 2 Episode 13

The Show Must Go On

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • The show can't end like this!?

    In the Final Episode of the BIG O, Big O faces the 3rd Big Fau. Roger won against Alex Rosewater and Dorothy saves his life. Angel plans on wiping out Paradigm City memories once again, but Roger stopped her and tells her to become a good human being.

    The show can't end like this. There are few mysteries that are left unresolved! Can the show really end like this?! That's why the last episode is called "The Show MUST go ON!" I believe the series is still "Unfinished".
  • Great buildup; goes out with a fizzle

    The ending was a little too jarring for my tastes. It seems as though there was this huge buildup (Big-O's Big-Gun and Alex Rosewater's destruction) but that the ending kind of fizzled. Everything goes back to the way things were? The ending ultimately trivialized every bit of character growth seen throughout the course of the show. The mark of truly layered stories is the growth of the characters: the "moral", if you will. When Big-Venus wiped everyone's memories for the second time, all I could say was "that's it?"
  • roger fights big duo and wins. dourthy saves roger from the bottom of the ocean. angle becomes the true memories and become big venus. she tries to erease all the memoris agine but roger talks her out of it and everything goes back to normal. "We have com

    i loved this episode it was a great season or show ending ever i have not seen all the episodes in order but this show was the best yet it was sad to see the end but you know everything turns out well. but i felt sad to see another good sceres go. i wonder if their might be new episodes comeing on or not i hope their is. i love so many anime shows but not many are on any more so big O fills in all the missing gaps i'v missed. so i do hope their will be more shows. I really think alot of people would like that i know i would this was a great ending but i would like more to the series but i keeps you wanting more. i would love to see another great episode like this one.