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Big Shots is a drama from Warner Brothers Television and ABC about four friends who are up and coming executives.

James is played by Michael Vartan and is the "moral center" of the group. He's married to Stacey, and they've been together since freshman year in college, but their marriage is in trouble. He just found out she was having an affair with his late boss. He relies on his "work wife", Katie, played by Nia Long, to keep him focused in the office.

Dylan McDermott plays Duncan Collinsworth. a cosmetics CEO. He's divorced from Lisbeth, played by Paige Turco, but things aren't completely over. Even though he still seems interested, she knows if she took him back he'd lose interest immediately. They have a 19 year old daughter Cameron (Peyton List), who resents her father for walking out on them.

Christopher Titus plays Brody, a married graduate of Harvard Business School, who spends more time trying to make his wife happy than running his business.

Joshua Malina plays Karl. He's married to Wendy, played by Amy Sloan. They are seeing a marriage counselor, but he has a secret mistress on the side, Marla, played by Jessica Collins. What is he going to do when Marla and Wendy become friends?

More than business associates, these four men are best friends who will be there for each other no matter what.

Jon Harmon Feldman of Reunion has written the pilot and will serve as Executive Producer. Charles McDougal, who also directed the pilot for Desperate Housewives will be the director.moreless

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    • im sorry it got cancelled

      this is the best series, its funny, exciting, these men are cute each has a great personality, i really dont understand why they left it...
    • Best nice plot and'll always want to watch the next episode.Bring this show back soonest

      abc are just crazy?how can they cancel such a great show.they just leave you suspended and you are left wondering what would have happened had the show continued.My advice would be, please dont start something that you wont finish even if it is five episode let there be suspense thereafter.The other show they cancelled that they left me hanging was Life as we know it.upto today I am wondering what was to go on after the episode i am wondering what was to go on after episode 11 and now i am another disappointed person.Bring back this show as soon as possible, please..................moreless
    • Wonderful and intriguing characters with interesting stories.

      This show better not be cancelled! Why don't they take off those stupid reality shows like Wife Swap or that High School Musical-Something or Bets Off or Bets On or whatever its called and bring back Big Shots which is way more entertaining and interesting. Who are the dummies who make these ridiculous decisions to take off the good shows and replace them with mind-numbing drivel?!? Every year I ask myself, why do I even start watching? No wonder the cable stations have more viewers than the other networks. On the other hand, it's better for me to stop watching tv. I've been reading more books.moreless
    • he show centers around four very successful male friends and what they go through with family, co-workers and competitors. The four men have very different professions and are able to use their friendship and professional skills to help each other out.moreless

      What could be better than this? It's an hour of laughs mixed in with some serious issues. I have to admit it was McDermott and Vartan that initially made me watch the show, but I was pleasantly surprised when I couldn't stop watching. I love the story lines of all four characters which is rare. In a show there are usually one or two people you watch it for, but not with Big Shots. Every week keeps you guessing and feeling more and more attached to the characters. It's a real guy story and I think that's something that's overlooked because so many shows focus on women's trials and tribulations. As a woman I must say that it's time we see a story about the guys! Great job ABC!!moreless
    • I love thise show so please bring it back. The mens ar all good actors and very Handsome. Bring it back, bring it back.

      I think this is one of the best cast shows today. Big Shots have lots of potentials; however, the show moved to fast to soon, it pushed to much information onto the viewers at one time. Give more insights on the main characters before bringing on a new one, like Duncan's alleged son. Katie and James relationship did not kindle to good. Brody's role was too good to be true, the somewhat ideal husband (hummm). Marla should have kept her pregnancy from Karla and his wife until she could not hide it anymore, and kept the friendship with the wife until the truth comes out or when the both delivered their baby, which are due around the same time. Last but not less, Wendy, she went on her way to peacefully. Over all I love this show, so please bring it back.moreless
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