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Who's The Boss Official Discussion Thread ***Spoilers****

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    Please discuss the episode here
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    Well ...

    Lisbeth - Appalled that she actually somewhat blamed Duncan for what happened. He was venting, verbally, to a friend, and all b/c it was caught on tape, she thinks he had something to do with the outcome of the situation. Granted, yes, I'm sure Zach was trying to impress Duncan, but Duncan told Zach no! For her to blame Duncan, or feel he's directly involved, is ridiculous! She's mad, and she needs to grieve and heal. I felt so bad for Duncan when she made her speech at the end ... b/c he really does love her more than anything. She acts as if he must put his personal life on hold, while she was married, just to prove that he could be with her, all the while her personal life is moving full speed ahead. Not fair!

    Duncan - It looks like he's in for a treat with Terrence's sister on the board now. He's not going to have an easy ride for quite a while, unless of course he just sleeps with her again, or builds a relationship. Who knows!

    Brody and Janelle were SO cute and funny together. I loved how she wanted to do Brody stuff. It was cute!

    Wow! Karl is going to have two babies, by different women. WOW! And they are going to be like a month or so apart! Even more wow! He's in for a shocker ... so is he going to keep letting Marla live there with him and Wendy??? I dont' get it ...

    So, so, so happy James and Katie have made things official. I can't believe some of the nerve these people have ... like the head of Merimonts (sp?) partner company ... how rude and vulgar can you be!? To just talk about someone with such lack of class. Ugh, disgusting. I'm glad James did what he did, but I worry now that it could jeopardize his job.

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