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Big Shots

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 2007 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Duncan and Lisbeth are divorced but still sleeping together. Duncan gets jealous when she goes out on a date. James finds out his wife Stacey had been having an affair with his late boss. Brody is planning a party for his wife at her request. Karl and wife Wendy are seeing a marriage counselor, but what she doesn't know is that he's having an affair with Marla.moreless

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  • Four businessmen struggle with their daily life;Karl tries to hide his affaire from his wife, James realizes his wife cheated on him with his boss who fired him, Duncan tries to reconnect with his daughter while covering up the fact he slept with a trannymoreless

    Finally a drama show that looks from the male perspective. No soppy dialogs and heartbreaking music, light dramastorylines fill the episode and makes it so attractive. The mainroles are pretty ok and the situations they come in and how they handle them. I like the show, but won't get attached unless the show is picked up for a season. Why? Because it's that kind of show you can enjoy without being addicted, but you'll miss it when it's gone. In short; nice storylines, a refreshing perspective and definatly worth the try. I'm sorry it took months before I checked it out.moreless
  • They have sex, and they golf.

    Yup, that about sums this show up for me. Nothing original, nothing really worth sticking around for. While I wouldn't say it's the worst show this year, it's definetly close to the bottom. I can't think of one positive thing about this show. I got so many better things I could watch then this. It just doesn't have any of the qualities a good show should have and this show is a huge waste of the Grey's lead-in. Of all the shows they could've promoted after Grey's, they had to pick this one. ABC, this is not one of your winners.moreless
  • The New Women! It was going to happen just hope that they don't make a mistake.

    I watched the pilot it was paced nicely, sex, death, henpicked husband? maybe.. notice we never got a look at his wife! just her back. Couples therapy for wife and mistress that's funny. Boss fires James and he finds out his wife was having an affair with his now dead boss. I'm not sure if I will watch this show on a regular basis, there was something missing I don't know if I care about these guys they have everything good jobs no they are the top dogs and they don't act like it. Only James had the balls to stand up to the board and he got made C.E.O. for it. Only time will tell.moreless
  • It's GREAAAT!

    I liked it...well most of it anyways. It was really funny the way the characters spoke, though they were often in serious discussions. I found myself laughing more often than I expected, and I thought "Wow! Who knew...I like this pilot!" At first I thought this was only a comedy...then I learned it was a dramidy (comedy + drama). Overall, it fulfills this genre very nice...unlike most dramidies. I hope this series succeeds for a second season...but only time will tell. I don't like one sub-plot though: the daughter-father sub-plot. I felt it was...to out of place. While the others are having women (or half women) problems, the guy has a problem with his daughter.

    Hopefully soon I can tell which character is which.moreless
  • In my opinion this pilot had it all drama and comedy.

    I really loved this pilot. I think it has an excellent cast that works very well together. I can see them relying on each other to get through the rough times. Each one has their own roles. James as described by the network is the moral center, he's the one that's going to keep them on the right track. He's hurt by his wife's affair but I think he still wants to make it work. Duncan, he'll come up with the underhanded way to get what he wants. I also like the mix in his life. His ex-wife now widowed, they're finding that they can now have a great sex life. I think Dylan McDermott does a great job in this role, he shows that in some ways he wants her back in his life, but she knows he wouldn't stay interested. The problems with his daughter. He wasn't around and now she's making him pay.

    Brody, he's the joker in the group. He'll make them laugh no matter what the problem is. Every group has one and it's necessary. When James tells them about the wife cheating and he says they would go after the boss but Hector already took care of it. How could you not laugh at that? Karl is probably my least favorite but how could you not feel sorry for him. His wife and mistress are going to drive him crazy. For me the pilot was perfect I can see where other people had some problems with it, but I think it was a great start for what I'm sure will be a great series.moreless



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