Big Shots

Season 1 Episode 10

Sex Be Not Proud

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 17, 2008 on ABC

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  • This was a terrific episode with alot of drama and great interaction between the characters.

    This was a great episode especially between Lisbeth and Duncan. I love their interaction together because it looks so natural, and especially the scene at the dinner table. I was laughing, because they both know each other so well like an old married couple. And if they did ever place a wager, Lisbeth would definitely win every time, because as we all know Duncan is so "predictable", the theme word for this episode. As far as Terrance is concerned, in a way I am glad he is gone, but then again I will miss his show downs with Duncan and his charm with Lisbeth. I think the scene between Lisbeth and Terrance really showed how mean spirited he can be. The final scene was tragic and you really felt for Lisbeth and what she was going through. I hope they review that more next week. Through all of this I feel she has been a victim especially agreeing to marry Terrance so Duncan could get his job back. James and Katie make a great couple and I hope they do get back together. Karl, Marla and Wendy trio this story line needs to end, it's boring although did have some funny moments.
    Brody and Janelle great couple, but having him on the phone with her all the time is getting old.
    Just my thoughts about this great show…