Big Sky

Network Ten (ended 1999)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Ultimate Commitments
      With Ian dead the pilots of Big Sky are now playing in a whole new ball game and Lightfoot asks them all, particularly Chris to consider carefully if they wish to continue in the investigation.
    • Missing in Action
      Missing in Action
      Episode 12
      Jimbo and Chris are enjoying a standard flight when they get an emergency call to go to. They find Cooley, who had once been charged with weapon stealing, with a leg wound which could turn nasty.
    • Desperate Measures
      Desperate Measures
      Episode 11
      Grace's funeral stirs up emotions and Chris looses his temper. He takes off in a car with no idea where he is going. Along the way he stops to pick up Leisa, a girl who has run away from home because of abuse.
    • Secrets & Lies
      Secrets & Lies
      Episode 10
      When drugs go missing from the evidence locker, Internal Affairs get involved and zero in on Grace. Grace is all prepared to give her side of the story, but they don't believe her and decide it is a matter for the police to deal with.
    • The Heart of the Matter
      The missing stolen guns are still annoying Lightfoot who wants the investigation finished. Lightfoot's main suspect is Major Elliston, so he decides the best way to catch him is to follow him.
    • Shadow Chasers
      Shadow Chasers
      Episode 8
      Lightfoot's investigation deepens and Chris demands to have more involvement in what's going on. Chris though makes the decision of playing cop over going on a date with Grace.
    • Friends in High Places
      After one of his friends, Joy, goes missing with evidence, Lightfoot asks the team to fly out to see if they can find her. But Lightfoot steps on Jimbo's toes when he doesn't think he is up to the job.
    • The Wrong Box
      The Wrong Box
      Episode 6
      Klenner is caught, but the investigation is far from over. The pilots are told by Lightfoot to track down some heroin packages which have been dropped from the sky to waiting dealers.
    • A Family Affair
      A Family Affair
      Episode 5
      Dean, a street kid, is trying to save his girlfriend Angie who is addicted to drugs. Paula knows Dean and Angie from her charity work and when Chris and Lightfoot find out, they want to help.
    • The Things We Do For Love
      Scotty and Rosie find themselves in an tight situation after they rescue Ramon from a beach. At the hospital they are told that Ramon will need to be reported to immigration for being in Australia illegally. Ramon panicks and stows away on their plane and begs for their help.
    • Stand By Your Man
      With the wedding getting closer Jimbo finding himself feeling trapped looking after the very sick Jodie and Max. While on a flight to a remote farm he meets a woman, Marie, who lives alone and runs the farm.
    • The Price of Freedom
      While Jodie's condition worsens, Jimbo finds himself ignoring the truth of the situation. He spends time with Max and Jodie, and wanting to believe in what Jimbo does, Jodie starts to think more positively.
    • Light Foot
      Light Foot
      Episode 1
      With Lauren gone, Lightfoot arrives at Big Sky. But the business will never be the same as Lightfoot wants to use Big Sky for an undercover operation. Chris isn't keen on the idea and has to make a big decision.
  • Season 1