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AIRED ON 9/29/2007

Season 2 : Episode 13

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Host Larry Winget is a perfect example of the fabled rags-to-riches success story. He built a fortune, lost it all, then managed to climb back up to the top--and now he's ready to help others in need of financial advice. In each episode of this new reality series, Larry will help a couple or family begin the transformation from hopeless debt to financial independence. They'll need to be ready, however, for Larry's "tough-love" approach is sure to cause some serious strife.
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  • Love watching this show because it reinforces my confidence in myself in being able to handle money properly.

    I really enjoy this show but after I watch it I always wonder what these people are doing six months later. Wouldn't it be nice if they had follow-ups after a reasonable time. Anybody can stick to a budget for 3 to 4 weeks....let's see how they're doing later on. Some people have attitudes that make you want to just smack them in the face and you know for sure they will never stay on the budget. Others act like they're entitled to spend other people's money and abuse friendships. Please do a follow-up so we can see how some of these people are doing.moreless
  • Great for everyone!

    I have a degree in personal finance and later decided to teach high school students. Because like me, even though I have a degree in finance, I was not given the life skills to be personally financially successful. I believe students need to know what we learn later in life, because they have the advantage of TIME. Big Spender is a show I would love to show to my high school students. I would like to be able to purchase a series.moreless
  • I watch this faithfully!!

    Where can I hire this guy? Finally someone who doesn't sugar coat the truth. It really is our own damn fault. If he had a weight loss show, I'd marry him!! Solid advice for real people. I watch these people and think...."how close am I to that reality?" He knows how to get to the truth and then he has the guts to tell it. He shows the success stories and is honest about the ones who won't learn until they lose everything.

    Let's have more "reality" shows like Big Spender and less make-believe like Survivor. This is a can't miss show!moreless
  • Fiscal responsibility with an attitude.

    With debt running rampant in our society, it is great to have a show that shows us a way out. Larry Winget is a personal finances commando who gets straight to the bottom line. If you want to get out of debt, you have to control your spending.

    The show lets us see the many devils we confront daily when it comes to breaking out the credit card. We want it all and we want it now. We want to impress our friends with all of our toys and bigger is always better. It is Larry Winget to the rescue with his own brand of tough financial love. He does not sugar coat it. It isn't going to be east but it can be done and it needs to be done. Simply put - Live within your means.

    The show is exceptionally well produced and performs a public service. Perhaps we could send Larry to Capitol Hill to infuse Congress with a little fiscal responsibility.moreless
  • Great show!!

    Great show!! Watch it as much as I can.

    I think that a lot of people need this kind of reality check.

    Great advice! I am using his tips.

    One big question...

    HOW do you submit people for the show!!!

    I have looked on the web site and on A&E site and I can not find any place to try and get on to the show.

    I think that it is the biggest thing that is lacking on the show and on the web site.

    The show is great and I think the advise in realistic. It would be nice to be able to submit people that really need this wake up call.moreless
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