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  • Love watching this show because it reinforces my confidence in myself in being able to handle money properly.

    I really enjoy this show but after I watch it I always wonder what these people are doing six months later. Wouldn't it be nice if they had follow-ups after a reasonable time. Anybody can stick to a budget for 3 to 4 weeks....let's see how they're doing later on. Some people have attitudes that make you want to just smack them in the face and you know for sure they will never stay on the budget. Others act like they're entitled to spend other people's money and abuse friendships. Please do a follow-up so we can see how some of these people are doing.
  • Great for everyone!

    I have a degree in personal finance and later decided to teach high school students. Because like me, even though I have a degree in finance, I was not given the life skills to be personally financially successful. I believe students need to know what we learn later in life, because they have the advantage of TIME. Big Spender is a show I would love to show to my high school students. I would like to be able to purchase a series.
  • I watch this faithfully!!

    Where can I hire this guy? Finally someone who doesn't sugar coat the truth. It really is our own damn fault. If he had a weight loss show, I'd marry him!! Solid advice for real people. I watch these people and think...."how close am I to that reality?" He knows how to get to the truth and then he has the guts to tell it. He shows the success stories and is honest about the ones who won't learn until they lose everything.

    Let's have more "reality" shows like Big Spender and less make-believe like Survivor. This is a can't miss show!
  • Fiscal responsibility with an attitude.

    With debt running rampant in our society, it is great to have a show that shows us a way out. Larry Winget is a personal finances commando who gets straight to the bottom line. If you want to get out of debt, you have to control your spending.

    The show lets us see the many devils we confront daily when it comes to breaking out the credit card. We want it all and we want it now. We want to impress our friends with all of our toys and bigger is always better. It is Larry Winget to the rescue with his own brand of tough financial love. He does not sugar coat it. It isn't going to be east but it can be done and it needs to be done. Simply put - Live within your means.

    The show is exceptionally well produced and performs a public service. Perhaps we could send Larry to Capitol Hill to infuse Congress with a little fiscal responsibility.
  • Great show!!

    Great show!! Watch it as much as I can.
    I think that a lot of people need this kind of reality check.
    Great advice! I am using his tips.
    One big question...
    HOW do you submit people for the show!!!
    I have looked on the web site and on A&E site and I can not find any place to try and get on to the show.
    I think that it is the biggest thing that is lacking on the show and on the web site.
    The show is great and I think the advise in realistic. It would be nice to be able to submit people that really need this wake up call.
  • This show teaches the ways I spend money not paying attention to the amounts or really even caring. If it looks good buy buy buy whether you wear it, watch it, use it, etc...Larry comes in helps set a plan, get a budget and stay on track.

    This show is excellent!! I gave it a perfect 10. It made me think about how I spend my money in a serious way. This was my first time watching it. Gave me ways to makeup for the money I've spent to put towards savings. Larry Wingate even made me ashamed of how I pend money myself. I have debts I need paying and this show helped me to be able to pay amounts that I used to put towards buying. Set a certain amount and get the money to pay that amount. This is my top 3 shows to watch. This is also my top 3 favorite shows to watch.
  • Good show with some good suggestions

    Just starting watching this the last several weeks. Pretty good show but needs more. Show us after 3 or 6 months or even a year if they are still on budget and how they are doing. Also there should bea site that you could register to have him come and help you. Maybe a contest or essay or even me.
  • Thank you Larry for just saying it like it is. You are the boot camp to personal finance.

    Your show has helped me set a budget and goals for our family. We own a struggling business in Michigan and my husband works for Ford. He may not have a job in the next few months. We were in credit card debt (25,000+) student loans still compiling, car loans ect. You have really help us re-organize for our future so maybe we will not fall down that slippery slope and loose everything. I hope your show gets the recoginization it deserves. Thanks again and best wishes to all for financial freedom!
  • And you thought you are the only one up to your eyeballs in debt. Infact, most of us are. However, if you're looking for sympathy from The Big Spender host, Larry Winget, you'd be more likely to get hot chocolate from an eskimo.

    Larry Winget tells it like it is. With the tools and guidelines in making the tough journey to get out of debt, Larry doesn't water down the truth and takes no prisoners. You're in debt, that's a fact. Another fact is that as it didn't take you a day to get into debt, it's not going to take a day to get out of it. What Larry does is come right out and say the things no one wants to but needs to hear and helps them to see that being debt-free can be a reality even though the road is not an easy one.
  • No better show to watch how to get out of debt and realize your bad spending lack of saving habits. I can\\\'t wait for the next episode!

    My husband stumbled across this show and had me stop painting to watch. While we were glad we weren\\\'t as bad as the couple on the episode we realized we have the same bad habits on a smaller scale. Today, Monday 7-17-06, we have begun using some of the tools shown on the show such as writing EVERY PURCHASE down. The host was honest and blunt which is what all of us need when it comes to our finances. By showing the couple what they were doing wrong and then showing them the steps to do what is right are the key factors of this show.
  • Great show - Larry is REAL and says the stuff we would all like to say to these people. And we ALL know people like this. Wish it had a prime time slot.

    You have Suze Orman who is just a bit creepy and Dave Ramsey who is a best soft and sweet. Larry Winget isn't like any of these guys. He is unique, direct and takes no crap. The boots and shirts make him interesting to watch and his no BS style is fun to watch. He's tough and yet empathetic. Seems like he really wants these people to do better but doesn't buy their excuses. I would love it if we could see some coming attractions on the show that follows and also wish the show would air in prime time. I'm a fan. Larry is good - his books are great too.
  • If you owe money to anybody, watch this show! If you get in over your head, Larry\'s coming to your house.

    It's about damn time that somebody slapped the American public upside the head and let them know that money doesn't grow on trees and that the only person who can bail you out of debt is you. I seriously don\'t think any of these people took basic math or economics courses so now they must submit to the Rules of Larry. I think he should also tackle celebrities who have made millions and now wind up pennyless. Gary Coleman is a good example. I'd love to see Larry and Gary in a good old fashioned cage match until the little guy learns how to manage his finances. Keep it comin'.
  • The premise of people learning accountability with their spending in a reality type format is fascinating. Larry Wingett has a great easy but tough manner with these folks who have hit the financial wall.

    I thought that the show was great. The answer to money is pretty simple…you have to spend less than what you earn. Yet most Americans don’t get it. If this type of financial intervention can make people more aware of their own financial accountability they will be happier for life. This couple on the first episode of Big Spender was spending money like drunken sailors, yet they were miserable about it. Drastic measures are in order. The fact that the behavior of this couple hurt their friends and families was a great point. As an estate planner for the last 20 years for some very affluent families, I have learned that there in great contentment in living within one’s means and it pays lifetime financial and emotional dividends. It seems that the only folks who are unconcerned about what things cost are the poor. I want my teenage children to watch this series. Two thumbs up!
  • This show is great. At a time when everyone from the network news to Oprah is talking about how Americans are over the eyeballs in debt, Big Spender actually shows people what to do to change things.

    This show is great. At a time when everyone from the network news to Oprah is talking about how Americans are over the eyeballs in debt, Big Spender actually shows people what to do to change things.

    Winget’s no-nonsense approach is perfect for this genre. I agree with one of the other reviews that said Larry can show some heart when called for, but you sense that he could be even more in your face if the situation called if needed. Either way, he’s definitely not your normal TV host – bald head, earring, cowboy shirts and boots. He’s definitely putting the reality into reality TV.

    I predict this show just keeps getting better.
  • I dug this show, didn't know what to think but was surprised. I loved the hard-ass approach that the host took. I'm tired of people being coddled, own your problem and then go about fixing it.

    I have to admit that when this came on I was a bit circumspect. C'mon, another reality show, will it never end. I decided to give it a go and was surprised, the host (Larry Winget) is one tough dude, crazy looking- like some amish cowboy from outer space- but he cut right to the bone with the show's first, eh, "bone-heads." Really? You're spending $6,000 a month and you're making about $3,000- what's the problem? Losing your house, your call, how about your self-respect - show some restraint people. Unfortunately I don't think these people are alone in the world. Most people are carrying around debt like a yoke. Winget sits them down (and yes, there is crying) and gives 'em the what for, has them sign a contract and dishes out some embarassment. Nice point is that you can tell Winget has a heart, he's not all that mean. And hey, looks like these big spenders turned their financial lives around. I think that this will get much, much better as the episodes roll in.