Big Time Rush

Season 1 Episode 1

Big Time Audition Part One

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2009 on Nickelodeon
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Big Time Audition Part One
When James, Carlos, Kendall and Logan, four small Minnesota town hockey players, hear that a big music producer is in town searching for talent the boys decide to audition.

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  • Big time rush

    This isn't what I really think of anyone's out there reading this I have an important question how to you watch the shows I don't even know if you can watch shows because they keep asking me to rate the episode when I didn't even see it please help me
  • Four friends from Minnesota get the chance to make it big in LA as a boy band.

    Pretty simple formula here.

    Eccentric, borderline insane record producer forms a boy band out of four young guys from Minnesota. You have your standard fish-out-of-water story here, which isn't overplayed. The guest characters are zany and comical as they should be. The dance scene is hilarious. And the boys carry the show. They have distinct characters, great charisma, and function so well together you'd think they were real life friends. And on top of all that, the song is excellent. Leads to a great pay off with the song at the end. Great start! You will want to see more.moreless
  • Love this pilot

    To start off, the pilot is really cool. We learn about Four Hockey playing best friends from Minnesota who get the opportunity to become a boy band. It was originally a chance just for Kendall, but somehow he talked him into making hid BFFs a singing group.

    So they move to L.A to become the next big hit-making boy band. They meet the Jennifers, who hey fall in love with in first sight, and Camille, a Method Actress Queen who used Kendall in a scene. Overall, i love the pilot. Its preety sweet. 10+, its and automativc A+ perfect. outtahere!moreless
Fred Tallaksen

Fred Tallaksen

Mr. X

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Alyssa Preston

Alyssa Preston

Tyler's Mom

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Rachel Quintance

Rachel Quintance


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Challen Cates

Challen Cates

Mrs. Knight

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Erin Sanders

Erin Sanders


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Matt Riedy

Matt Riedy

Arthur Griffin

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Big Time Audition was first filmed with Curt Hansen (who now plays Dak Zevon)as Kendall's role. The producers later realized he looked much older than the other three members of Big Time Rush and he sounded too much like James, so they replaced him with Kendall.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Kendall: (About the Jennifer trio) Okay, we do realize they're three of them and four of us.
      Logan: And they blew us off.
      James: No, they said later.
      Carlos: And it's later.
      Kelly: Okay, mom's all checked in, your sister complained again that she has no friends so your mom let her watch Shark Cage on FOX and now (Sees the boys looking back at the Jennifer trio) it's time to start Gustavo's boy band boot camp.
      Kendall: Kelly, we're a little busy here.
      Kelly: So am I, and they won't go for you until you're famous, so let's roll.
      James: Oh, Kelly, Kelly, clearly you don't understand the power of the (Points at his face while shaking it, and then walks over to the Jennifer trio with the other three) Ladies, I don't think we've properly introduced…(The Jennifers splash the boys with their smoothies) …ourselves.
      Kendall: Okay, let's go to bootcamp.

    • James: Hey, we're in a band.
      Jennifer 1,2, and 3: Really?! Oh my gosh!
      Jennifer 1: And we're actresses that don't care.
      Carlos: Wanna go to the movies today?
      Jennifer 2: Are you guys starring in the movie?
      Carlos: No.
      Jennifer 3: Then no.
      Jennifer 1: If that seems harsh it's because it is and so is this town. So...
      Jennifer 1,2, and 3: Later!

    • Kelly: Welcome to the Palm Woods, home of the future famous.
      Kendall's Mom: (After touching a nearby palm tree) That's the first palm tree I've ever touched.
      Kelly: Every year, kids and parents from all over the world come here looking for fame, tv, movies, and music.
      Kendall: Oh hey, there's that funny kid from those juice box commercials.
      Tyler: (Being pulled by his arm) I just want my childhood back!
      Kelly: ...Okay.

    • Gustavo Rocque: Okay, so are you guys ready to become stars?
      Logan, James, Carlos, Kendall: Yeah!
      Gustavo Rocque: Good, then prove to me that you can become stars. We have three days to prove to this record company that there's something, anything here.
      Kendall: What three days, what happened to three months?
      Gustavo Rocque: Uh, the CEO of all of our butts wants to see you guys on Friday.
      Logan: We have to be a band in three days?
      Gustavo Rocque: No, you have to be a great band in three days!

    • Gustavo Rocque: Hey…Griffin. Hey, I've been meaning to call you.
      Griffin: Yes, and I've been meaning to teach my pet Liger sign language, but I didn't either.

    • Kendall: (To the other three friends) Okay, reality check. We have to promise ourselves, now, that we're not going to let this singing thing or this town change us. We're four hockey players from Minnesota and we can never forget that. Do we all agree?
      Logan, James, Carlos: Yes!
      Kendall: (ten minutes later as Kendall lays on the pool sipping a drink from a coconut) Once you've sipped from a real coconut, there's no going back.
      Logan, James, Carlos: (Lazily) So true.

    • Gustavo Rocque: (As Logan beatboxes for the audition) Stop it. Stop it forever.
      Logan: I just started.
      Gustavo Rocque: And now you're finished, but I'm not because I'm going to tell you what else you are.
      Logan: (Walking out of the audition terrified a moment later, to the other three) Don't go in their. He-he-he's Satan. He's Satan with bug-eye sunglasses.

    • Gustavo Rocque: Listen here sister, that's the worst singing I've ever heard, IN MY LIFE! (The Nun walks off stage)
      Kelly: You know these people have feelings, right?
      Gustavo Rocque: Oh neat, guess what I have, twenty-nine platinum records! I don't need feelings. What I need is the guy the record company paid me a million dollars to find to make my fire. And if you and I don't find him or her, we're fired! (A guy walks on stage) Keep walking, don't stop at the microphone, just keep walking! And goodbye!

    • Gustavo Rocque: (After a dog tries to audition) That's actually the best singing we've heard all day.

    • Gustavo Rocque: (After a girl sings at the audition) Your singing makes me wanna dance…OFF OF A CLIFF!

    • James: (Sees Carlos grabbing the T-bar) What are we doing?
      Kendall: Uh, janitor left the T-bar in the sprinkler valve, and do you want to help us soak the girls field hockey team?
      James: Yeah!
      Logan: (As the three grabbing the bar looks at Logan) I gotta get new friends! (Joins the others)

    • Gustavo Rocque: Where am I and why am I freezing?
      Kelly: You're in Minnesota.
      Gustavo Rocque: What's up Minnesota?! (The crowd cheers and he whispers to Kelly) I hate all of them, and I hate the state for freezing my late. I also need a bigger coat.
      Kelly: This is our last stop so focus, and try not to make everybody cry. Someone here is your next biggest star, I can feel it.
      Gustavo Rocque: I'm the star! What I need is a canvas with great hair that I can paint my pulp on. I need a singing block of wood that I can set on fire. So please, tell me, where in…
      Kelly: Minnesota.
      Gustavo Rocque: Where in Minnesota is my fire!

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