Big Time Rush

Season 2 Episode 20

Big Time Break Up

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 25, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • Sad and Hilarious special of "Big Time Rush"

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Big Time Rush". It's definitely marked as one of my favorite episodes. This episode was hilarious and it also pretty sad. I didn't want to see Jo leave because I think that Jo is a beautiful girl who is very sweet. Jo and Kendall were a cute couple. I know, I'm a guy, I try not to get into these teen relationship storylines but I just can't help it. Jo gets a movie deal which means that she would have to cancel her contract for her TV show and be out of Los Angeles for three years. I just hope that Jo does guest star once in a while in the future episodes though. I'll get to the sad part of this episode in a little bit (even I did mention a little bit of sadness). James' plot with that girl was absolutely hilarious but kind of weird at the same time because it feels like you're watching a soap opera. Carlos/Logan/Kelly plot was hilarious as well when Logan and Kelly try to get the helmet from Carlos. Kendall/Jo storyline was the saddest of this episode. It was hilarious when that women at the airport said "Hey, don't make me tase you" to that man who said "You're holding up the line" (or something close to that). It was sweet and sad when Kendall and Jo gave each other their last goodbye kiss before Jo leaves. I was almost going to cry when they both said good-bye to each other. That song "Worldwide" was a very good song and it's pretty sad to hear at the same time. I almost got in tears because I know that it's hard to say good-bye to the person who you care about that you won't see for a long time and even though I've never experienced that in my life... I feel for Kendall. I'm curious to see how the next episode is gonna go now. Overall, a hilarious but also sad episode of "Big Time Rush"... pretty emotional episode and I recommend this episode even if you're not a BTR fan. 10/10
  • First episode of BTR to make me cry. Very emotional episode that dealt with Kendall and Jo breaking up, an issue most teens have to deal with in their first loves. Plus, "Worldwide" was an awesome video.

    An extremely emotional episode of "Big Time Rush" and the first one to actually make me cry. I like the show because of the slapstick comedy and silly storylines, but this one actually had emotional aspects that made it very good, especially the ending that ended on a very sad note, not a lighthearted one. The ep dealt with Kendall and Jo breaking up as he sacrificed their relationship so Jo could have a successful movie career. Although Kendall didn't want to break up, he realized that if he truly loved Jo, he had to let her go and that's what made it so sad. I lost it when he made it to the airport on time for their goodbye kiss and the song "Worldwide" was perfect. The other plotlines were okay (James and Salana and Carlos and his helmet), but it was Kendal and Jo's story that stole the show.
  • Would have scored higher but.

    I would have given this episode a higher score but Jo and Kendall Broke up. I really liked Them together, they made a nice couple. I thought this episode would have made it that Jo would have stayed but instead she left. That was a really sad ending.

    The good things about the episode was the part when Jo and Kendall were at the restaurant and Kendall was acting all disgusting. The part with Logan, Kelly and Carlos was hilarious and the part was James was funny.

    This episode actually had me in tears a little bit. I hope they have Jo guest star because I liked her. In conclusion their were funny parts in this episode which is why I scored it a seven but the part with Jo Leaving and breaking up with Kendall was what made me score it a seven also it would have gotten a nine or Ten if they would have stayed together.