Big Time Rush

Season 2 Episode 25

Big Time Contest

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • It was a good/decent episode. Not the best episode I've seen but it was a major improvement over the previous episode "Big Time Strike" (which aired on a Monday night)


    I thought that this was a good/decent episode of "Big Time Rush". It wasn't my favorite episode and I've seen better "Big Time Rush" episodes than this installment but it was still enjoyable. It is a major improvement over the previous episode that aired on Monday night called "Big Time Strike". The plot was very enjoyable but I must say that all of the storylines are pretty much average but still good... it could have been better though. This is a good enough episode... not saying it's bad but the writers can do better. The plot about when there is a "Win a Date With Big Time Rush" Contest. There were some parts that made me laugh in this episode. I'll start with the Kendall's date plot, I liked this plot but that little boy was a little annoying and got me a little angry when he demanded that Kendall lets him date Katie. I did laugh very hard when the little boy turned out to be Kendall's date and Kendall's reaction to it was definitely hilarious. I didn't laugh at anything else in that plot except for maybe one or two more scenes that I can't remember. Second is the Logan's date plot, the part when that red-haired lady named Berta turned out to be Logan's date was absolutely hilarious and Logan's reaction was definitely funny. The most hilarious part in this plot was by far when Logan ran all the down to Rocque Records to tell Kelly that the date isn't working out. That Berta character was being a little annoying just like the little boy in Kendall's plot as well. I don't think I laughed at any more parts in that plot. As for the Carlos/James plot which is the last plot, it was probably the least enjoyable but still good, what mainly ruined it for me was James. I really didn't like James repeatedly switching girls with Carlos. That's not fair to Carlos and I felt bad for him but I was very happy at the ending of the plot when both girls went to Carlos while James has no girl to have a date with. James deserved it so I didn't feel bad for him at all, he really deserved that. Overall, this was a good/decent episode of "Big Time Rush" but I've seen a whole lot better and funnier episodes than this installment. 7.5/10

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