Big Time Rush

Season 1 Episode 19

Big Time First Concert

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 20, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • The most excellent, funniest, and heartwarming "Big Time Rush" episode that I have ever seen and it was an awesome way to end Season 1


    I thought that this Season 1 finale of "Big Time Rush" was so amazing. I love, love, love, love, love this TV Movie. Not only was it was very funny but it was also very excellent, heartwarming, and the storyline is just FANTASTIC. The storyline really went to a whole new level and it got very strong, deep, and well in-depth. The guys are getting ready for their first ever concert but they need to train before it comes. Griffin cancels Big Time Rush and so the guys must leave Los Angeles and move back to Minnesota. James going out on his own was very interesting. The fact that James has a butler named Sebastian was very funny. Sebastian the butler made me LOL in this Season 1 finale. Kendall, Carlos, and Logan finding James after Gustavo gives the good news that Big Time Rush is back in business was good and entertaining. The auditions for a new James was very funny. The old woman (who also appeared in the pilot episode of this show) was very funny also and it was good to see her again. James returning to Big Time Rush was awesome. The guys rushing back to the concert since Hawk (Gustavo's enemy) captured them was funny and entertaining. The very ending of this Season 1 finale with the guys giving Sebastian to that old woman was very funny and pretty cool. Overall, an awesome Season 1 finale of "Big Time Rush". 10/10

  • Facing the Crisis at the height of your great carreer

    I already watch this movie many times alreay on the net and on the cable, I like it. This movie focus about failures and crisis at the peak of your carreer. When it seems to be doomed some of them gave up their dreams but James continue his dreams but on the wrong direction. There are lots of obstacles along the way including finding the James' replacement to being a trio to being kidnapped by Hawk but in the end it became victorious and make it to the concert. This show signals the end of the great freshman season of the show.
  • A great conclusion to a season.

    Big Time Rush is in the stage of thier CD release and tour, but first they must suceed the concert. Many things never before seen happens, like Kendall and Jo kissing each other (a way of saying goodbye when BTR was leaving) a goodbye. They then return to Minnesota to move on, but after Gustavo buys BTR from Griffin for $2 million, and in the process, sells everything, including his beloved mansion. If they rock the concert however, that could change. As the movie process, likes of unusual things happen, like Hawk kidnapping the boys, and stuff. Great conclusion to the first-but-great season. 10+ for the movie, Cant wait til SEASON TWO!!!!!

    In the series' first hour-long movie, it's BTR's first event for the release of their CD, and Gustavo hopes to boost their dreams of becoming a hit boy band. They go through many rehearsals until the point where all their Palmwoods friends cheer them on in their dress rehearsal. However, Griffin breaks their dreams by officially cancelling Big Time Rush. They say goodbye to thier friends and Kendall and Jo share their first-ever lip-to-lip kiss, while Camille says goodbye to Logan by slapping him (a running gag in the show). They return to their old homeland, Minnesota. They attempt to head on for other goals, but over the course of length, have come to a point where they focus on their current dream. Gustavo buys Big Time Rush from Griffin for $2 million, selling his mansion and all his equipment along the way. Gustavo and Kelly go to Minnesota and take Kendall, Carlos, and Logan back to LA. James has already returned to LA with Gustavo's enemy, producer Hawk. Hawk alters the crib to suit James' personal style. Meanwhile, Kendall, Carlos, and Logan hold auditions to replace James. However, with the auditions being unsuccessful, they decide to only have 3 members in the band. James learns that Hawk is going to fake James' singing and looks with digital means and call him "Jamez" (Jah-mez). James returns back to Big Time Rush and they begin to plan their first concert by putting posters around town and advertising on TV.

    More happens but thats all i wanna say! Overrall, great season one finale. SEASON 2!, here we come.