Big Time Rush

Season 2 Episode 16

Big Time Girl Group

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • Big Time Girl Group

    I honestly thought this show would be doing better by now but honestly, it hasn't improved much. Season 2 so far hasn't been very impressive, and this episode was a prime reason why. The girl group was annoying and generic, the forgotten "boy band" was annoying. The ending was very predictable.

    We didn't get a lot of substantial development, and the laughs were few an far from each other. I only recall laughing at the mother/daughter scenes but that's really about it.

    When you're watching an episode of Big Time Rush, your favorite scenes really shouldn't include the secondary characters, that's when you know it wasn't an awesome episode. Disappointing overall.
  • Overall good but not great

    I didn't think that this episode was that great but it was overall a good episode. The plot for this episode was weak and it could have been better. Big Time Rush finds out that Gustavo is working with a girl group called Kats Crew and it makes Big Time Rush jealous. It really bugged me when Gustavo couldn't remember the boys band name in the beginning of the episode and the way he paid more attention to Kats Crew. Kats Crew was also getting me irritated in this episode. The guys want to do whatever it takes to get Kats Crew fired. Meanwhile, Mrs. Knight and Katie try to find some friends to hang out after Buddha Bob tells them that they are both going to grow old alone and wind up with cats. None of the plots seemed that interesting and it's really hard to pick because both of the plots are pretty much average. The guys find a band called "Boys in the Attic" who are now on a combat. I think I only laughed when the guys attempted to sabotage Kats Crew but Gustavo either gets furious or gets hurt. I thought it was cool when Gustavo said that the boys have always been by his side and he said that it was time for him for stick by their side. I thought that the Big Time Rush and Kats Crew music video was very cool with the space station thing and loved the song "I Know You Know". Overall, not a great episode of "Big Time Rush" but it was an overall good episode. 7/10