Big Time Rush

Season 2 Episode 18

Big Time Moms

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 07, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • Great Mother's Day themed episode of "Big Time Rush"


    I thought that this was a great Mother's Day themed episode of "Big Time Rush". This wasn't my favorite episode but it was overall great. The main plot was alright in this episode my score is a little higher because of the subplot. James' mom comes to Los Angeles to being James home to Minnesota for James can work in some cosmetic business. Mr. Bitters' mom comes into town to visit Mr. Bitters and she thinks that he is a veterinarian. I thought it was mildly funny when James' face would freeze when his mom said that she is taking him home. Gustavo trying to tell James' mom "no" and then it didn't work was also funny (even though it was too predictable). I thought it was very funny when Mr. Bitters was the veterinarian to impress his mom and there was an arrow on a dog's butt. The scene that made me laugh the hardest was when Buddha Bob pretended to be Mr. Bitters' wife and Katie pretends to be Mr. Bitters' child especially when Buddha Bob said that he and Mr. Bitters met in the swamp. It was great to see Carlos' mom and Logan's mom. It was very funny when Mrs. Knight, Carlos' mom, and Logans' mom were acting like undercover agents in order to confront James' mom. It was also hilarious when Mr. Bitters' mom thinks that Mr. Bitters, Buddha Bob, and Katie were all undercover agents. The ending was also great when James' mom can visit James at least once a month because she misses seeing him. I also loved the Mother's Day song that Big Time Rush sang. My only complain about this episode should be obvious but I'll say it anyways... I didn't like James' mom because she is so threatening and then she tells the boys "I get what I want and no one tells me no". Overall, despite James' mom getting her own way, this was a great Mother's Day themed episode of "Big Time Rush". 8.5/10